Wednesday 30 September 2009


As a child I was old beyond my years, able to sit up until the wee hours holding my own at dinner table conversations (well I thought I was holding my own, I suspect I was being indulged). As an adult I'm more of a Peter Pan figure. I still love children's books and films; I do believe in Santa Claus and unicorns; I hate going to bed at bed time and I think I'm going to end up with my Prince Charming. Okay so my toys might be shoes, jewellery, cds and books and my over indulging might be on wine rather than penny sweets (actually scrap that I had a dib dab the other day and it was great!) but the principle is the same. I have a child like approach and have always thought that to keep young was to keep fresh and alive.

I'm not Peter Pan though am I and there is a danger in not wanting to grow up, which Peter of all people knows. Not everyone wants to live in Neverland and by choosing to stay there you might not be able to see the ones you love as much.

I'm getting older and I am fine with that actually. Really. I don't want to be older in the sense of wrinkles and aching knees but it's life. I always wanted to be one of those middle aged and later older people who still seemed young though and who kept their dreams and silly fantasies.

Lately I'm afraid I've seen the odd face look down on me for that. Not for being excited about Christmas or a birthday cake but for not being more pragmatic, for not making do and accepting- whether that's a man, the state of the country I'm living in or other people's actions or work. I don't understand this at all. So I'm a bit of a dreamer, so what. My dreams keep me sane. I'm not really away with the fairies or I wouldn't manage all the things I manage in the course of a day. So there.

I believe in fairies. You have to say it really loudly. I believe in fairies.

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little luxury list said...

Hope and faith can be intricately entwined with dreams. It can stretch us, make us try, and inevitably make us happier to reach for something that may not be practical, but bring great contentment.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Great post :-) I believe in fairies, too! Life is grey and serious enough as it is. And growing up to me means to be able to decide when to take things serious and when not. Being pragmatic about your love life is a recipe for desaster, in my opinion.

ScentScelf said...


The trick is to keep woven into one bundle the knowledge of age and the open minded exuberance of youth, I think. I hope. I try.

*not just applause...this is the way to indicate you believe in fairies if you see the stage show.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Good for you Rose- keep living the dream! I can relate... I believe in magic and all of the same things and so far my life has been as charmed as ever (much more so than my acquaintances who choose to live in the 'real world') ;)

Rose said...

Chicncheap- yep you have to have hope I think.

MM- thank you! yes I agree I like the randomness of not planning every little thing in life and letting some magic in!

Scentscelf- yes that's what I want to do, keep the youthful fun but obviously have the wisdom of a bit of age. You are so right- I had forgoteen- terrible **clapping**

Daily- well that's great to know, You are very lucky to be so charmed. It's true the Charlotte Bartlett's of this world, so keen to conform and chase what they should have, end up unhappy as far as I can see.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Trust me when I say this... this outlook on have will serve you very well in life. Do not let anyone change you.

Anonymous said...

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