Monday 12 October 2009


Autumn is the reigning King at the moment- dressed in splendid robes of burnt gold, orange and red. Summer is like the aged lion that is trying to make a last stand. The lion roared on Saturday but really it knows it’s supremacy has passed. Now it’s Autumn’s time. The hot cider is preferable to it’s chilled cousin at Borough market. You want a glass of red wine with dinner, not white or rose. You need socks (or even slippers) on in the house, and that extra jumper. You pull the blankets up tight around you at night and the scents you crave match the leaves on the trees- deep ambers, aged and warm.

Then there is the little Prince of winter. He is growing in power. You can start to feel his magic moving in- you catch it in the sharp wind over the bridges of London sometimes. You can feel it in the dew on the grass and when the darkness falls unnaturally early. You can see it on the stone cold walls of the churches which are mostly empty, they are almost aching for winter, for Christmas, to be filled with people and singing.

For now though it’s Autumn. The briefest but most magnificent of seasons. Put on your winter coat, get outside and kick the leaves. Long live the King of seasons.

The "Fighting Temeraire" Tugged to her Last Berth to be Broken up, before 1839
by William Turner.

Available from here.


Metropolitan Mum said...

We went for a long walk yesterday in Hyde Park - your words describe so well the atmosphere that surrounded us.

Linda said...

Dear Rose - this is absolutely beautiful and sums up what I feel about the golden autumn we're having... It's red wine for me, and we've had some wood fires at home, and today I'm wearing Serge Lutens' "Five o'Clock Au Gingembre". It seems just right on this sunny afternoon...
Best wishes,

Unknown said...

I love Autumn, the colours, smells and the crisp best season!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Beautiful writing rose- so vivid!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

The best season of the year!! you describe it perfectly!

Rose said...

Hi MM- I'm glad they do. They came to me while I was walking to work. London walks are one of the best things about the city- and they are free!

Hello Linda- Mmm gingerbread, Serge Lutens gingerbread. That is a wonderful scent for this time of year. Best wishes to you as well Rx

Everybodysaysdon't- It's so difficult to pick a favourite season, they are all my favourite when they are just on the way. Autumn is special though, so brief and so unique in nature.

Daily- thank- you!

Pamela- I think it might be my favourite! Thank you so much

Jayne said...

You gorgeous writer you! This is a beautiful description of the seasons, and it was a total pleasure to read. So magical... creates wonderful pictures of the little Prince of winter, the old lion of summer... I wish I had time to draw, it would be fun illustrating this post. Thanks for brightening up my day!

ScentScelf said...

I do love this time of year, and your evocation is spot on. Lovely illustration choice, too.

Kicking the leaves...the sound...the smell...the feel...puts me back to the same mood every time, since being 6 and walking through leaves to get to school.