Monday 12 October 2009


I am still having lots of trouble commenting- on my own blog and on everyone else's!

Wordpress blogs have seemed better- unless I swear!- but today I can't comment on those either.

So I am grateful as always for all the lovely comments here and I am reading your blogs elsewhere but my comments will be a bit delayed as I only make them on my laptop- which I'm not on all the time.



vicki archer said...

How strange Rose, I can always comment but I have another problem with my blog,I cant move anything on the sidebar...the joys of the internet, xv.

Rose said...

Hi Vicki, the joys of the internet indeed... I have to just breath slowly and try not to go crazy!

Jayne said...

Have you tried clearing your cookies, Rose? Not sure how much internet stuffage you know, so please forgive me if am treading familiar ground, but under Tools, click Internet Options, then click 'delete' on Browsing History. You can either tell it to 'delete all' or delete just the cookies. This sometimes it resolves internal problems and issues!