Tuesday 10 November 2009

Bright Star

I saw Bright Star, the new film about the relationship between Jon Keats and his neighbour Fanny Brawne this weekend. It is absolutely beautiful. I don't fully know what to write about it that would explain except to say it makes the most of the medium it is made in- and as such it is a film to be watched, every frame, every detail. For all that it is about a man who expressed himself so enchantingly through words the joy of Bright Star is precisely in it's filmic qualities; the stroking of a cat, the tapping of a wall, the falling of snow, the sound of laboured breathe, the fluttering wings of butterflies.

I found the director Jane Campion's production scrapbook online- which is the Bright Star website. I think it's captivating, the images are fascinating and delicate and offer a way through a side window into the film without taking away any of it's magic.

From the programme at the dance.

Ben Whishaw's notes

All images from the Bright Star website here. Except Keats and Fanny in the woods from the London film festival website here and Keats and Fanny in the house from The Observer here


MrJeffery said...

Loved the movie and this post!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Another movie that I really wanted to see but I think it already left the cinemas over here! Hopefully it will still be playing in London when I go...

Rose said...

Mr Jeffrey- hello and thanks for stopping by- I will come and visit you. I'm glad you liked the post- it's a really good site if you have just seen the film and want to immerse yourself in the images. Glad you liked the film too- I have read some very good reviews but heard some bad ones too- which I don't understand at all. Okay so it's not an incredibly complex narrative but it doesn't need to be because the performances are exquisite.

Hi Daily- yes I think you will be able to see it here when you arrive- it's just gone on general release but as I'm sure you know some of the cinemas here rotate films so you can see them a while after release- which is one of my favourite London things actually- where I'm from it's 2 weeks and then you never see the film again! You might catch the real life Ben Whishaw in Sloane Square too as he's in a play there and I know you like the King's Road!

Anonymous said...

This movie was great. I love poetry and this movie just made me appreciate it more.
I loved the post. I went to the website and it was amazing. Very fasinating.
I've been trying to find a picture of the pillow case Fanny made for Keats. Do you have any idea where I could find one? I've been wanting to stich one like it.


Rose said...

Hi Anonymous- yes I loved it too- every frame is wonderful in all ways. Isn't it a good website- I'm afraid I don't know where you could get a picture of the pillow case if the website doesn't have one. I suppose you could try contacting the production company? Good luck with it- let me know if you find out- Rose x