Monday 16 November 2009

Nails: faking them and breaking them

I notice hands- and feet. I am always more attracted to a man with nice hands- which can mean anything really. I was going to say lovely clean hands but actually that isn’t true because hands covered in paint or ink are attractive. Hands that are used are so interesting as well I think- where they have been defined by muscle from their work or because they are so delicate and therefore appropriate to their work- be it playing an instrument, writing, manual work, intricate work.

We use our hands so much but I'm not sure we always treat them as well as we should.

So nails and what to do with them- it's not a weighty subject but tending to nails, like waxing, takes up far too much of a woman's time and I wish someone would just invent a method of making them always look neat and lovely forever.

I have just had my first ever set of somewhat false nails soaked in acetone and filed with an electrical device to get them off. They weren't the long scary, square kind. They were tasteful gels and were the length of my own nails- a millimetre or two of white only. I thought these were going to be a wonderful idea, goodbye to nail whitening pencils and re- touching every couple of days. Hello to always pretty hands. Not so, hello to strange peeling after just two days and no way to neaten it. Really should I have anything on me that needs removing with acetone and an electrical device (that looks and sounds like it came from the dentist) voluntarily? I'm not sure I should.

In truth what I think is nicest is really lovely, plain hands with no polish at all. Unfortunately it cannot be denied that neat hands and nails look nicer and a manicure makes your hands look better- unless you have stunning hands- and who does really. In fact I quite like my hands, but that only makes it worse- because they are quite nice they should be made the most of.

Americans are far ahead of us on this- the manicures over there really do last about 5 days. I have never had one here- including the scary removal with implements and chemicals one, that lasted more than 3 days. I can do my own manicures that last 3 days- but I don't have time.

So my hands are back to being quite English again. My lovely, real nails are just painted with some nude pink varnish and they will have to stay that way until someone invents the nail equivalent of electrolysis- although does electrolysis really work or am I just telling myself it does and that one day it will be mine to stop me from going mad as I shave/ wax/ pluck away?


Marie said...

I've never had a professional manicure done, even though that's what my sister-in-law does as a job! It kind of scares me having these talons attached. And hearing about getting them taken off... Eeek! But I agree that it is nice to have pretty manicured hands, rather than my usual whatever they look like in the morning hands.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I can make my manicure last up to a week if I clean the house with rubber gloves on! I'm badly in need of one right now because I missed my appointment last week. American's are very far ahead in the whole manicure pedicure game... over here it is very inexpensive and fast to get one. In England it's very expensive and is treated more as a luxury (than a necessity) and takes a really long time. I am only saying this from my own experience so please correct me if I'm wrong! Your nails sound lovely to me :) xo

Los Angeles Computer Services said...
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Rose said...

Hi Marie- I've never had the scary tallons but I've had varnished painted on and gels painted on. With the gels my nails did look amazing and I could do what I liked but getting them off was very strange.

Hi Daily- a week is amazing! but yes the manicures over there are so superior for the price. Here you pay a lot for what you guys would pay about $15 for and yours would last longer. Nevermind. Sighs. Get a manicure before you visit!

Tania said...

I've never had false nails, I just can't be bothered with the maintenance on anything too fake. (I have the same issue with hair extensions). And nowadays I don't even wear varnish, except on my toes. But I do keep my nails neat and buffed, which I think looks nice without looking 'done'.