Friday 13 November 2009


I'm obsessed with the Vionnet dresses worn by Carey Mulligan and Hilary Swank recently. Just obsessed. I know they wore them a week or more ago now but the normal acceptance that I can't have gowns worn on the red carpet just won't kick in. I want them, very much. Indeed.

For more on Vionnet past and present and for these pictures go to Grazia Daily here. There's also an exhibition of Madeleine Vionnet's work on in Paris here. Sigh.


Metropolitan Mum said...

Beautiful. But where to wear? Christmas party? As I am not working (or wait, I AM working, I am just not getting paid), I don't have an invitation to a fancy Christmas party. Boo-hoo.

little luxury list said...

Le sigh. Brilliant draping. Shoot I'll wear any of those dresses to cook dinner!

Rose said...

Hi MM- book yourself a Christmas party with little L and you two should go out and have a lovely afternoon tea. Then little L can say thank you for everything this year- you might need to lend her some money though ;-)

Hi Chicncheap- Sigh I would any of their dresses anywhere.