Tuesday 17 November 2009

Flat out

I have alluded to the fact that I spend a great deal of my time striding around London like one Jane Austen's heroines before (heroine in the sense that I too am ruddy of complexion after walking from the south bank to the city and also in the sense that it's because I am too poor to have the carriage/ taxi all the time).

Now while I'm a heel lover- and wearer- sense and flats shoes have to prevail a lot of the time or I wouldn't be reaching any of my destinations very quickly.

I am also a lover of all shoes and think there is no less art in a flat shoe- in fact a flattering flat shoe is something I will always pay for. I can talk myself out of bright pink stilettos- don't need 'em (well much)- but perfect, low cut, dainty flats- gotta have 'em. I need them. I might NEVER see their like again.

For some time I have been wearing Jigsaw flats from last winter that are so perfect I did what I always say I will do and never do do- I bought two pairs. Sadly both have now seen better days on account of our temperate climate forcing near constant wear and my marching about probably putting them through multiple marathons- they have done extremely well but I can't keep asking them to go on or they will be lost forever and I want to keep them as they really are perfect and as comfortable as slippers.

So the quest for more has begun. In earnest. Rupert Sanderson has some delectable brogues which I can't copy to show you but are here and are lovely, dainty yet fashionable. I need them. In all the colourways. I can't really have them- though they do have very good sales at his shop.

For now, until the sales, I have bought some pleather flats that are hurting my feet and am begging the cobbler to perform magic on the Jigsaw shoes. Why didn't I buy 3 pairs? 4 pairs?


The Daily Connoisseur said...

My favorite flats in England are by French Sole. They have the most amazing styles, are high quality and sooo comfortable. I love them! They're called London Sole in the U.S. ... good luck on your flat search!

vicki archer said...

I am a ballerina fan too Rose and always wonder why I don't double up on favourites, xv.

Linda said...

A post after my own heart, dear Rose! I too would recommend French Sole, also, a make called Pump and Circumstance, and - if the wallet stretches - Pretty Ballerina, which you can buy online.
And ( bought from Topshop) Foot Pillows, which are little padded insoles for flat shoes and pumps. Very comfortable!
Linda x

Emily said...

I am definitely a flat fan!!! I wrote a post on Blcoh ballets a while back, you might want to check it out!!! http://londonzest.blogspot.com/search/label/Shoes

I have a few pair already since they're so comfortable (they have a cushion in the shoe at the heel so your foot never suffers from being too close to the ground!) xx LZ

Metropolitan Mum said...

Ahhh, flats, definitely flats! I am with LZ on the Blochs - I bought a pair after a consultation by la Zest herself.
Am a fan of Repettos, too. Although they miss that little cushion in the middle and you feel almost every little leaf underneath your feet.

Rose said...

Daily- I'm a fan too- so many colours, so little time. I am trying to wear shoes other just ballet flats but the thing is those are what I really want- so why not just wear them really?

Hi Vicki- it feels boring and expensive to double up I think but on the occasions I have I've been really grateful

Linda- pump and circumstance is the most brilliant name- I will have to look them up- thanks

Hi Emily- yes I will read your post- thanks

Hi MM- repetto! good thinking. I am going to have to look up these blochs I am feeling quite out of the loop!