Wednesday 30 December 2009

Best of the best for 2009

I was very happy to be asked to participate in a joint blogging project 'the best of the best' by the lovely Helg at Perfume Shrine.

So here are my best things of the year

*Best Perfumery Trends in 2009:

*Best in Niche:
Ormonde Jayne Tiare, Frederic Malle Geranium Pour Monsier, Miller Harris Fleur De Bois, Penhaligon’s reissued Limes (though I know it was available at Harrod’s before)

*Best Mainstream:
I would say YSL Parisienne and Narciso Rodriguez Essence but I think this was a poor year for mainstream fragrance, sadly. Again.

*Best Packaging/Advertising:
Best packaging Grossmith
Best advertising Chanel No 5, YSL Parisienne

*Best in Home-Scenting:
Frederic Malle home if money was no object
I also like the Miller Harris tea range which was expanded this year. I think the idea of a perfumer working on tea is very interesting and would be interested in more doing this (which doesn’t mean I want Calvin Klein tea!)

*Notable Perfumers for their Excellence in 2009:
Always Jean Claude Elena, I really admire the man and the way he works and if I could get a copy of his most recent book it would make me very happy. It seems to be available no where at all. So if anyone knows where I can get one please, please tell me!
Bertrand Duchaufour for Al-Oud and his work at Penhaligon's

*Best Brand Revival:

*Best Inexpensive Finds (beauty & scent-related):
It was a re- find but the L’Occitane Green Tea with Mint scent saw me through some hot summer weather very well
Tesco lavender and chamomile baby wipes for the face are divine- I make special trips to get them. Everything else is a little abrasive on my sensitive skin but for some reason it drinks these up. I don't want it to be so but it is.

*Non- perfume- but still a bit scented!

*Best Reading:
Although it didn’t come out this year I read Never let me go this year and it has stayed with me more than anything else. Likewise I have discovered Cormac McCarthy this year, a bit later than everyone else, and am thoroughly enjoying his different style and poetic painting with words.
I also very much enjoyed the paperback version of Perfumes: The Guide, of course!

*Best Gift I Got:
Primrose bakery cookbook- scented cookery- Earl Grey cupcakes will be made this weekend and a rose butter cream iced Victoria sponge may follow. Most people fast in January but I seem to be going for fattening.

*Best film
Too hard. Bright Star was beautiful. Glorious 39 isn’t perfect but I’ve taken it to my heart.

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Happy New Year everyone.


Mr London Street said...

I could never love Perfumes: The Guide as much as it loves itself. It's had some handy tips but doesn't compete with looking up Basenotes on the iPhone.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Great selections- Happy New Year Rose!

Scent Hive said...


You just reminded me that I need to see Bright Star!

Loved reading you list and Happy New Year :-)


ScentScelf said...

Rose, you have a fun list to read through--thanks for the tour!

As it turns out, regarding perfumers/Ellena, this could be called the year of Ellena for me personally. If you expand that to mean either of the Ellenas (Jean Claude or Celine), that is. I made the big step of going full bottle, full price for both En Passant and L'Eau d'Hiver. Decided I really wanted to have those in my line up, with the commitment (and opportunity) of full bottle. There might be others I like equally--a high ranking, mind you--but their time had come. I don't regret either at all.

JMay said...

Awesome selections! :-)

Was really fun to the blog. I'm writing a screenplay so of course I'm intrigued and will be back!


little luxury list said...

Tesco lavender and chamomile baby wipes - totally intrigued!

Happy New Year dear!

Rose said...

Mr London street- I find their conviction in themselves quite fun- I don't they are saying you have to agree just those are their opinions. I know what you mean though- sometimes when I am reviewing perfumes I worry I am getting a bit like that Brian Sewell chap talking about pictures and that I should just write 'smells nice'. Would love to know what scents you rate- I'm always very interested in men's opinions on perfumes

Daily- Happy new year to you as well and I hope Barbados is perfect

Trish- do, it's stunning, well I think so. Happy new year to you too

Scentscelf- lovely to hear from you. As we discussed on your blog those 2 scents are some of the best in perfume. Thinking more about it they are also truly scents you wear for yourself and that enhance your day- and they are also scents that feel like your own. Bliss.

Hi J May, lovely to have you along. I will come over to your blog too- and wow a screenplay is brave but fascinating. I would love to know more.

Chic n cheap- they are really good- they aren't organic and it's slightly against my better judgement but my eyes just love them- and it's a great scent. Happy New Year!

Liberty London Girl said...

I loved Tiare too, Happy New Year! LLGxx

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Mr London Street said...

Do you mean which men's fragrances I rate, or which women's fragrances? On reading the Perfume A-Z further I think I like Luca Turin's style a lot and Tania Sanchez's leaves me positively irritated. Still, one out of two ain't bad.

Rose said...

Mr LS- I meant men's but women's would be interesting too. I agree about LT versus TS- I like his odd ball comments and almost bonkers level of obsession- she writes stuff anyone with an interest in perfume could write.

Rose said...

Happy New LLG! It's a good one isn't it- on of OJ's best I think.

Anonymouse- thank- you, it's always a work in progress! Appreciate you saying hello and your kind words

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Happy New Year, great round-up. I loved Tiare too. xx

Qwendy said...

Rose, so happy to have been introduced to you and your blog through Helg! I love your comments, asides, and passion for literature, perfume and baking, and look forward to sharing wonderful things ~ Earl Grey Cupcakes indeed, mmmm with Miller Harris tea, makes me want to be in London but I'm 6000 miles away in Los Angeles. Happy new year!

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