Thursday 3 December 2009


Yet more present shopping over here at Rose towers.

Aren't these mix tapes on UBS sticks a charming way of keeping an old idea alive?

With rose tinted specs on mix tapes seem like a wonderful thing we've lost. When you think again though actually there was always the fear that your beloved tape from a dear boy/ girl/ mate would be chewed by your player- and the fact that after the first 100 plays you were going to get that whirring sound at the beginning of your most loved tracks.

I still kind of miss them though. They were a 99p way of giving something really personal. The UBS stick seems like a cute way of updating the idea. Plus it's pretty good for boys/ girls. Nicer than an i- tunes gift card don't you think?

Found via The Guardian.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

I miss mixed tapes too! This is really cute.

Thank you so much Rose for your kind comments on my blog- all is better although I won't be coming to London just yet :(

Thanks again xo

Jayne said...

Rose! You star, this will be a perfect present for someone I know. And it doesn't cost the earth (as I feared!). I do love the way you introduce us to the things that please you - brilliant inspiration!

And I used to spend HOURS creating the perfect mix-tapes - the ones to listen to on the beach while trying to keep the walkman free of sand, the ones to give friends... don't think any loved-one has ever asked me for a mix-tape though... my taste is a bit too eclectic!

Rose said...

Hi Daily- I'm so glad to hear everything seems to be better for you now- and the London Christmas will always be here waiting- much better to be where you are most needed xx

Hi Jayne- Ah I'm so glad you like it and it will make a good present for someone. I genuinely LOVE buying presents and would happily shop for all my friends who don't enjoy it- and wrap for them too.

The approach is what would I like to find on other people's blogs really- I mean things I might not find myself.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Absolutely uber cool! I want one of those. With some cheesy love songs on it. Ahhh, brings back memories...