Monday, 21 December 2009

'I never love England more than when covered in snow'

Goodbye England (Covered in snow)

You were so smart then in your jacket and coat
My softest red scarf was warming your throat
Winter was on us at the end of my nose
But I never love England
More than when covered in snow

But a friend of mine says it's good to hear
That you believe in love even if set in fear
well I'll hold you there brother and set you straight
I wont make believe that love is frail
And willing to break

I will come back here, bring me back when I'm old
I want to lay here forever in the cold.
I might be cold but I'm just skin and bones
And I never love England
More than when covered in snow

I wrote my name in your book, only god knows why
And I bet you that he cracked a smile
And I'm clearing all the stuff out of my room
trying desperately to figure out
What it is that makes me blue
and I wrote in a big letter to you
And it's 22 pages front and back
And it's too good to be used
and I tried to be a girl who likes to be used
I'm too good for that
There's a mind under this hat and I
Called them all and told them i've got to move

I'm out man , it's too hard

Feel like running, feel like running
Running off.
And we will keep you, we will keep you little one
Safe from harm, like an extra arm
You are part of us.

You were so smart then in your jacket and coat
and my softest red scarf was warming your throat
Winter will leave us, left the end of my nose
So goodbye old England 'till next years snow

My favourite new Christmas song: Goodbye England (Covered in Snow) by Laura Marling.

Lyrics courtesy of Popular lyrics.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

Great song- beautiful! Enjoy the snow :)

Metropolitan Mum said...

Truly beautiful. If only the Flodder's kids would stop throwing snowballs at my window. Grrr... I might just go out and throw back. Neighbours... !!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Happy Snow!

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

That's beautiful, and so very appropriate. xx

Emily said...

Lovely lyrics! I wish I could hear the music! But making my work day a wee bit more festive:) thanks for that! x LZ

Anonymous said...


Rose said...

Hi Daily- it is a lovely song- glad you liked it- the snow looks very pretty but it's very wet!

Hi MM- I hope you got those kids good!

Hi Pamela- thank you!

Hi Emily- you can download from i-tunes and I think it might be on you tube.