Wednesday 12 August 2009

Laura Marling and friends

Last night it was to the Southbank centre for Laura Marling and friends- a mille feuille of indie- folky- cool music.

I love the sweaty, standing around, not knowing what to do with your extra layers that are covered in beer, atmosphere of many gigs- but there was something lovely about strolling up the south bank knowing I was going to have a seat in the Royal festival hall and listen to music that was guaranteed to be fantastic.

And it was- like watching on at an enormous jamming session within the hallowed walls of the festival hall (the inspiration for many a Star Wars and Star Trek set surely)- everyone knew each other, played with each other and inspired each other.

I am always in awe of anyone who can play one musical instrument well but so many of the artists last night could play three or four better than most other musicians play their one.

Laura Marling is perhaps the most well known of the artists- hence it was her and her friends- but I am a great admirer of Mumford and Sons having recently discovered them at the i- tunes festival.

Most of Mumford and Sons make up Laura’s band the two sounds compliment each other beautifully- Marcus Mumford and Laura Marling have two of the most wonderful voices I have heard for emoting what they are saying- you can hear their happiness, their sadness, their anger, their worry.

The nearly three hours of music flew by and I could have stayed for hours. I was reminded again of how much I love the revamp of the southbank centre too. It’s such a great place and I like that they have all kinds of music, dance and everything for all kinds of people. The Southbank itself was so busy you could hardly move last night and getting any food or drinks anyway required patience and a bit of sneaky local knowledge- but I am happy that it’s so full and so busy on a random Tuesday when everyone is meant to be away or staying in to save pennies. I think London’s heart is beating at it’s fastest all the way along the southern side of the river and it’s always a brilliant place to be.

Laura Marling picture from The Independent here.


Metropolitan Mum said...

How rather lovely. She sounds so unpretenciously melancholic, in a very not-trying-at-all way. A bit like Carla Bruni in the old days.

Rose said...

MM, she is very talented and charming and only about 19 which made me feel like a bit of an under achiever I have to say! She also has lots of sexy boys in her band. She seems to have life quite well sorted out altogether.

kathleen said...

I lived south of the river for a while, it was a very good time. Dear friends are still there.

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Sounds like a lovely night out. I'm also starting to appreciate the luxury of sitting down at gigs in my old age.... xx

Rose said...

Hello Kathleen, I hope all's well with you. I live south of the river now and I love it- all those north only people are wrong! I would love to live near the south bank one day.

THi Top Bird- it's slightly worrying isn't it, but a nice seat and cup holder is just the thing sometimes!

Jayne said...

The Southbank is a lovely part of London, and I often used to walk along it, camera or sketchpad in hand (the latter back when I studied art) and it used to be one of my favourite haunts. It still is the place I like to take newcomers to introduce them to London. Going to see anything at the Royal Festival Hall makes me feel a bit 'in the know' for some reason. Glad you had a lovely time!

Rose said...

Hi Jayne- yes I agree it's a good place to take visitors- a long walk up the south bank and on to Borough market is one of my favourite things to do with Saturday visitors- or my own Saturdays.

I know what you mean about being in the know- I feel that about lots of theatre/ music stuff- you feel part of a little conscious bubble.