Thursday 6 August 2009


First thing in the morning I like to sit down with a strong coffee and catch up on my blogroll. I find reading and looking at the beautiful, funny and cool words and images everyone posts very calming first thing and it means my day starts in a positive way. This morning I read with happiness that Tea For Joy has given birth to a stationary shop called {Papermash} which is filled with treasure.

Tea For Joy has a competition today to win a year's worth of stationary if you comment of blog about {Papermash} but that's not why I decided to write about it (although I would love to win of course). I decided to post because I genuinely want the typewriter tape, the I heart lists paper and that lovely little notebook- and I know one of the things I love most about blogs is finding unusual items to buy on the internet that sadly I just can't find anymore in most shops.

Good stationary also inspires lust in me- the only other things that are in the same category are vintage jewellery and perfume (obviously!)- but let's be honest here, stationary is much cheaper to indulge in!

I often read articles and posts about the art of letter writing and how it mustn't be lost, agree and then don't write a letter from one month to the next. Letters are like bookshops, I don't want to reach a time in my life where they don't exist but I don't practically do enough to make sure that time won't come. I write little thank you cards of course and leave little notes around the house but I need to start sitting down and writing letters of more than a paragraph and I need to start buying more than the occasional paperback at my favourite bookshops.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Beautiful of life's pleasures for certain. I also like to occasionally make my own as well. I do so hope humans continue to write real letters!

I loved your thoughts on Agatha, by the way. I have to say, I was rather appalled by the extermination of plot that happened with the last three Miss Marple's. I mean, why?

Unknown said...

I have a huge stationary addiction too. I feel horrible because I have not used it really in the last year.

Rose said...

Hi Pamela, I would love to make my own stationary, it's probably something I should think about doing.

I really enjoyed your post on Agatha. I can't really watch those Marples- I do try but I just get too confused and cross! The reason Agatha Christie's are always so popular is they are great stories and interesting characters, they don't need to spice them up the way they think they do and the whole thing. I think it's probably because the Hickson Marple's are practically perfect adaptations they had to decide to do them with a twist because there isn't a great deal of point in re- doing them. They are period and there aren't any special effects so they stand up very well!

I did quite like the Sittaford mystery though, but then that shouldn't even have Miss Marple in it! (and my enjoyment may have been to do with Timothy Dalton!)

Rose said...

Hi Jen- that's it isn't it- I have a whole box full of gorgeous cards and paper and I really don't use it enough.