Friday 7 August 2009

Scents for women that I'd like to smell on men

Writing this post about Philosykos got me thinking about scents that I like on myself, or other women, that I would love to smell on a man. I don't mean a man I have made try it against their will but just a man in a lift or in a queue for coffee whose scent I happened to notice.

Luca Turin is a great advocate for men wearing florals and whatever takes their fancy, whether it seems like a male scent or not- and you can read the ten best feminines for men he and Tania Sanchez came up with for Perfumes the guide here (or in the book!). However Luca Turin is a wonderful exception to the rule and lots of men do seem to feel constrained by the pour homme or femme on the bottle in a way that women don't.

Here's my top ten scents most men would never dare to wear- but I think they should!

1) Philosykos by Diptyque- for the freshness of the fig, the sexiness of the creamy/ coconut note and because I don't think men wear enough green scents that aren't fougeres.

2) Jicky by Guerlain- I know quite a few discerning men do wear this and that Luca and Tania recommend it for men but I still have to include it here because to me this is one of the best scents of all for the discerning gentleman.

3) Hermes Eau De Marveilles- I know this is quite close to Terre De Hermes but this is more sensual and the saltines is more heady to me. I like all salt scents but there is something about the cashmere jumper that's been on the beach all day in this scent that I think would be sublime on a man- and would tempt endless nuzzling!

4) L'Artisan Parfumeur Voleur de Roses- I love Rosine Pour Homme and Penhaligon's Hammam and am a firm believer in men wearing rose scents. This one is strange, dark and quite broody which would suit a certain type of man perfectly when applied sparingly.

5) Bois de iles- again already worn by some men I believe but it should be worn by more. Come on boys don't let the girls have it all their own way with this treasure- okay it's slightly less hidden now but it's still vastly unsung outside the perfume aficionado world. Always like by every man I have ever asked to smell it- on me or on themselves.

6) Chanel Cuir De Russie As above really, although perhaps an even more obvious choice for men. For some reason it's always made me thing of Dr. Zhivago type images and men wearing military coats in the snow.

7) Miller Harris Fleur De Bois The mint note would be very fresh on a man and the rosemary would be interesting without being at all girly- could be excellent on a man and would smell very contemporary if a man wanted something daring but to stay away from the classics.

8) 10 Corso Como- this is really because I love this but it's just too much sandalwood on my skin. I think a man could pull of the intensity very well and it could be rather devastating.

9) Acqua Di Parma Iris Nobile- we know that Acqua Di Parma is a wonderful classic but timeless scent for men but I was amazed to realise Iris Nobile is too. A man once put it on by mistake in a department store and it smelt wonderful and kept smelling wonderful for hours. It just goes to show you should test everything.

10) Elizabeth Arden Green Tea- I realise this isn't really a bottle a man would want but there is something about the mixture of the basenotes that makes this more earthy than other green tea scents- so it's fresh but with a bit of sexy bite as well. It's also extremely good value so can be spritzed liberally- I quite like too much scent on a man in a way I can't stand it on a woman!

What masculines do you, or would you, like to smell on a man?

Tom Hardy as Heathcliff picture from here


Metropolitan Mum said...

I used ot love the first Ermenegildo Zegna, although I have to admit that I find it slightly irritating that a fashion line does a perfume. Nevertheless, I remember a spicy/wooden base, Italian herbs...

I really should be able to use the right vocabulary here, having been an YSL beaute PR intern once. But my brain seems to have gone for the weekend already. Sorry :-)

vicki archer said...

I have no idea I am still looking at the picture of Tom Hardy.....
I love Dipytique fragrances so that would be my choice...Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

Tania said...

I'm pretty sure it was designed for women, but I think it's good on a man.

Rose said...

MM- I lose my vocab sometimes, it's weird isn't it. Hope you're enjoying France!

Hello Vicki, yes Tom is a little distracting isn't he. I can't wait for the new Wuthering Heights. Diptyque is always an excellent choice

Tania- Bandit is a great choice, made for women but probably better on men. Great bottle for a guy too. Delicious!

eula_w said...

Those are interesting scents. Well, some of this perfume I was thinking of adding this to my list. :)

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