Thursday 20 August 2009

Moomin land

I'm a big fan of the blog A Novice Novelist and Jayne's post on The Moomins is a lovely read. The Moomins are so touching, they are possibly more so now that I'm older, not because I'm nostalgic for my childhood as is the case with some books and characters I look back on but because I think I get the Moomins more now.

I've been a bit obsessed with the Moomin china they sell at Skandium and Cloudberry living for quite a long time.

I always think I shouldn't buy china with characters on it now that I'm a grown up but today I've realised that's nonsense. The Moomins don't have an age limit. So I'm ordering the limited edition Christmas mug above as my very first Christmas present purchase of the year- to myself!

All mugs and pictures from here.


Jayne said...

Oh how lovely - I am chuffed to bits! Thank you! :)

Gosh aren't these mugs gorgeous? I am quite in love with all of them. And I am even more determined to re-read my Moomin books, especially Moominpapa at Sea. I might even read them on the commute to work and start a new trend! And at least then I can pretend I am on my way to a light-house instead. Happy days.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Love these!!
What do you mean you shouldn't buy china with characters???? Being older mean you can do whatever you please!!

Metropolitan Mum said...

They are so cute and somehow comforting. Don't they make you want to hug them nonstop? The mugs look like they are perfect for having hot chocolate in them.

Btw, this was the first Christmas post I read this year. I LOVE Christmas. Thank you!

Rose said...

Hi Jayne- ah you're welcome. Yes I think reading the Moomins on the way to work would be perfect.

Hi Pamela- yes you are probably right! I just feel that grown ups have lots of matching white china- but perhaps there is room for both! I want all the Moomin china.

Hi MM- yes that's it you want to hug them and squish them. They aren't terribly big so they would be good for hot chocolate or anything quite rich- perhaps they ar small because children are meant to use them! hmm anyway.

I adore Christmas too. Looking at the mug kick started a full present ideas list for friends and family!

Marie said...

I love the Moomins, we had all the books when I was growing up and they are such great stories. Those mugs too, I have a friend who collects them so thanks for pointing them out, a wonderful Christmas idea!

Rose said...

Hi Marie,
Glad to help with the present ideas! buying gifts for people is possibly my favourite kind of shopping. Who wouldn't like a Moomin Christmas mug really?! Enjoy the Ashes!

fabhat said...

I bought four Moomin mugs as presents when I was in Helsinki a few years ago - I gave away one, but surprisingly the other three still seem to live with me and are used for coffee on a regular basis. We fight over who gets the "stinky" one. If you are ever in Helsinki (or similar) they cost about half what they do here, so worth stocking up...

Jack said...

Instead of going to Finland myself, I ordered couple of these online from :)