Monday 17 August 2009

The perfectly dressed wedding guest

I need the help of the blogosphere to find the wedding guest dress of my dreams.

A couple of very dear friends are getting married in September and I need an outfit.

Of course I have known about the wedding for around a year but only now have I really turned my attention to the perfect frock.

Over the months and weeks I’ve seen nice dresses, some lovely dresses and some stunning dresses but of course I always thought something better would come along.

This weekend I went to the shops and they are full of winters black and grey and only a few sales rails are left with hints of the summer that might have been.

I don’t do black, white, overtly sexy or bejeweled for weddings.

What I really want is some kind of fantastic vintage, floral number but I am blessed with a chest whose proportions don’t really fit in vintage dresses (or actually very many dresses at all) and I don’t think I’ve really got time to get a dress maker to make alterations.

I don’t want to have anything that looks like I’m a) going clubbing later b) an actual bridesmaid c) appearing on strictly come dancing.

Does anyone have any hidden gem houses/ shops who stock dress sizes above a 10? The budget is fairly generous because they are great friends.

Any suggestions for a really special wedding present within a reasonable budget would be wonderful as well. I want to go off list if I can but they don't like clutter or anything overly sentimental.


Unknown said...

Wish I could help you my dear unfortunately I know nothing about London, but I do feel the pain in the chest size area. There is one brand In have had really good luck with though and that is Maggy London.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I often go there to gaze at their vintage frocks. You just might find what you're looking for.

Also, I might humbly suggest you take a look at the recent wedding heirloom box I put up on my blog. Click on the photo and you get more information. I use antique wedding toppers and each tier of the box opens, so the couple can hide wedding keepsakes there. They really make a great wedding present.

Good Luck!!

Jayne said...

I have just been racking my brains at what to suggest - I am sure you have been down the Monsoon / Debenham's route? I have just been net-surfing Frock Me! ( but I have never shopped there before and have no idea whether they are for girls that are blessed! Polyvore ( might give you some ideas to play with - too designer for me, but I love the idea of it.

A special wedding present - well, you could gather photographs of the pair of them over the years and put them together in a book for them (like Bob's Books)?

Marie said...

Tough! Nice dresses any time of the year is hard. Have you tried Liberty or Selfridges, a few different brands there which might be worth giving a shot to.

For a gift, we got given vouchers for a nice London restaurant as one of our off list gifts which we loved. Perhaps something like this, or a fabulous vintage wine/port/champagne.

If I think of anything else I'll pop it up. Good luck!

Rose said...

Hi Jen, I looked at Maggy London's stuff and agree it looks very good, very nice stuff and nicely cut for the blessed in the chest department! I might see if anywhere in the UK stocks it. Thanks very much- it's good to know it's not just me that has these problems!

Hi Pamela- thank you so much- both the dress website and the present idea are wonderful.

Hi Jayne- I have done the Monsoon/ Debenhams stuff. There are a few options at Monsoon but nothing I fell in love with- accessories might save the day though! In my mind I was going to have been a svelt ten with FF boobs that fitted into all the frocks I liked by the time of the wedding. Didn't happen! Presumably if I get married myself I might find the will power to get on that vegetable only diet!!

PS LOVE Bob's books and that's a lovely idea- they aren't having official photographs so I might actually try and make one for after their wedding.

Rose said...

Hello Marie,

I did look in Selfridges and Liberty but early in the summer- I didn't buy anything because I thought I would be slimmer! I should go back- department stores are good for the everything under one roof factor- and any excuse to go to either is welcomed! neither is brilliant for those over a DD!

The restaurant is a lovely idea- it would be nice to have something like that to look forward to when they come back from their honeymoon I should think.

Likewise I guess something vintage from the year the got together might be nice!

Thank you so much for the input- it's very useful to have the opinion of someone who has been a bride.

Jayne said...

Oh - if they aren't actually having official photographs, then they might love a book - I did the same for best friends of mine who didn't have official pics and they really loved it. I put pictures from early days and then all the wedding (we also used polaroid cameras on the day to get quick snaps of people) and then I didn't do a 'Bob's book' but got a lovely photograph album and arranged them all in there - with space for honeymoon pictures!

Hope the dress search proves successful!

fabhat said...

As another chest blessed person I love Sara Berman - good hourglass shapes, Whistles as I manage to get my knockers into their dresses without looking like a sofa and cos (but perhaps a bit boring for a wedding)

Good luck


The Daily Connoisseur said...

Good Luck- If you were in California I could list a slew of places to go... but alas, when I am in London I am equally as lost! When I was in London last October I did need a dress for a wedding, however and found one at Selfridges. It was a gorgeous Temperly design... I still love that dress and am thrilled that I got it!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Bonsoir Rose,
I happen to have to attend a wedding (marathon) this weekend, which made me buy three dresses. As I am still breastfeeding, I count myself to those with an ample-bust, so I know where you are coming from. 2 of the dresses I bought are from a little shop on Cross Street (off Upper Street in Islington) called Wild Swans. They stock mainly Danish designers, such as Day Birger. One of the dresses is bright purple, silk with flattering tull sleeves, just above the knee, buttoned up in the back. Very cute.
Do your friends like silver table wear? I just bought a silver frame in Camden Passage as a wedding gift. They have lots of gorgeous napkin rings and other silver table ware, if they like those kind of things. You could have the rings engraved and buy linen napkins to go with it. Just an idea...

Rose said...

Fabhat- good ideas all, agree about Whistles being a good fit- their make over doesn't seem to have as much formal stuff. I wish I'd bought one of the cream 1940s style dresses they had in their ss09 collection- I might try and stalk one!

Hi Daily- I remember you went to a lovely wedding didn't you. Temperly stuff is divine but not very chest friendly, I could do a temperley skirt and a different top though! that idea has potential! I'm not sure why I think I have to wear a dress, seperates can work too.

Hi MM- thanks for such a thoughtful post. i will look up the shop, I really like Scandanavian fashion and the groom is actually Swedish so that would be a nice touch! The tableware idea is very good, they are very good chefs and entertainers and it would be good to give them something they will actually use.

Anonymous said...

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