Monday 10 October 2011

Life in Scents podcast

Life in Scents is a new podcast from olfactory aficionados Jo Barratt (@JoBarratt) and Odette Toilette (@OdetteToilette who I interviewed here). It is not unlike a Desert Island Discs of smell, a scented journey through a person's life. So far there are four podcasts, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed (perhaps unsurprisingly!) and all of which taught me something I didn't know about scent.

I think what is particularly good about this project for me is the feeling that I am not the only person whose memories are completely caught up in smell, or the only person who perhaps thinks of scent in terms of memory. As regular readers know I love the radio and podcasts especially so this is perhaps my ideal pre- recorded feature- in fact it's something I've wanted to do myself and never quite managed so hurrah for Odette and Jo and do have a listen- the podcasts are free and available via i tunes or at the Life in Scents website.