Wednesday 30 January 2013

What I'm really thinking

I came across the Guardian's What I'm Really Thinking thread for the first time yesterday- and I can't recommend it enough.

These articles are acute little gems of writing, sharp but succint and very very honest.

The first article I read was the single friend and my what an argument that piece is for people writing anonymously. I'm personally not on the same page about never having wanted to meet a Prince but we all know people who have settled and the accuracy, the pain and distain in the author's voice- umcomfortable and compelling writing.

They're not all so on the edge of your seat awkward, there is the quiet sadness of the short man, the interesting take on being a lesbian friend of a straight girl, the to me on the nose description of being a Londoner who sometimes looks down on Provincials.

These articles are exactly the kind of writing that make you cherish newspapers (online or print)- a little oasis of good writing on a lunch break, a sane word on the tube home- writing to make you feel that there is honesty in a world of pretending.

Monday 28 January 2013

Things to make you cheerful

Pinata Cookies
want to cook these right away!!

The Woman who Went to bed for a Year
a wonderful book for getting into a warm, cosy bed with. Not all light but all so spot on about things I do know about- like wanting to spend time in bed and first days at University- and things I don't, like when your children go to University.

Weekend trips down to Brighton (this time I'm recommending walking from Hove to Brighton and looking at beach huts, the amazing steamer cook ware shop and staying in with friends in their cosy flats). My all time recommendations involve the Pavillion and Parma Violet ice cream eating in the north Laines, but it was too cold for ice cream this time.

Hot water bottles I actually don't know what I'd have done without mine (which looks like a Russian doll) this Winter. It's been so very cold and there's something very cheering knowing you're going to get into a warm bed. I also feel like I'm in a period drama, which can only be a good thing.

Mr Selfridge

Sunday night TV heaven. Sharper than the delightful but dotty Downton Abbey and with added vintage perfume counters.

Thursday 24 January 2013

Before Midnight

I'm so excited about reading Before Midnight is coming out via Cup of Jo that I actually made a yelping noise!

I loved Before Sunrise but Before Sunset is my preferred of the two- it's perfect, so perfect I save it and try not to over watch it.

I didn't know there was definitely a third film- I think I'd decided for myself how the story ended at the end of Before Sunset so I'm interested to see what's happened in the meantime.

By the way, what perfume do you think Celine wears? and/ or what cologne do you think Jesse wears?

With thanks to Cup of Jo- always a reliable source of bliss on cold, dark snowy days