Thursday 15 September 2011

Smile and the world smiles with you

Teeth have been a major preoccupation for me of late because I have had to have root canal work. My dentist is wonderful and charming but it still cost the price of a mini break and wasn't so fun. I am very fastidious about tooth brushing and use the products the dentist recommends but I also wanted to share a couple of dental products that are lovely for your shelf and which I use sometimes to give me a little boost.

This yellow sunny toothpaste is from a Portuguese company called Couto and can be found (like most pretty things) at Anthropologie.

For perfume lovers and those who like flower food like me there is Marvis jasmin mint toothpaste from Niven and Joshua (and in Liberty and more). Other fabulous flavours by Marvis include cinnamon, amerelli licorice and ginger- I have the jasmine and my teeth feel great afterwards (though I used Colgate mixed with it if I'm honest).

Finally there is rose mouthwash from beautiful Floris on Jermyn street (or online) clearly this could have been made for me and it's rather lovely, if you like turkish delight etc. Think about it, if you like kissing someone after they've eaten a strawberry or a cherry then why not with a rosy taste.

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Frame: fun fitness (who knew)

Frame in Shoreditch is a 'dance, fitness and holistic studio' in Shoreditch, which all sounds very grown up- but what first attracted me to Frame was the sense of fun.

So they offere yoga and power plate classes and have grown up things like hair dryers and straighteners in the changing rooms but their classes include 80's aerobics and Beyonce music video work outs, really what's not to like I ask?

Fancy dress is encouraged according to the website but I didn't know how seriously to take that so I hedged my bets in black leggings and an eighties brightly coloured t- shirt but left the leg warmers at home. I can report that people in the 80s were very fit! no mamby pamby stretching, lengthening or breathing for them, no cardio all the way baby. After fifty minutes of Michael Jackson, footloose, Wham and more I was begging for the floor section of the class.

Frame is very swish but it's swish with a wink- and it offers great times for classes too (working long hours there is nothing that annoys me more than places that aren't open after 7pm). I recommend it! maybe I'll see you there, I will be the one with the very red face!

Image from the Frame website here.


From outer space!

Not really, from that lovely garden and the land of no internets- well I've been back for a while in truth...

Lots to come- perfume, music, books, films, STUFF

Hope everyone is well and happy