Tuesday 8 July 2008

Wish lists: wishing and hoping and thinking and praying

As discussed on Monday I have been and am trying to spend less and wait for what I want more.

As also alluded to I have never been out of control but I do own lots of things that probably need to be read, worn, sat on etc before I should buy too many more things.

I have always adored the idea of the wish list but in recent months my lists have become more important to me.

I obviously have an Amazon wish list which I must say is long and only seems to get longer. Although I am supposed not to be buying I am going to try to buy a few bits, when they are at a good price, every few months to try and reduce the list a little.

I find my Amazon wish list and my own kept on my computer wish list very comforting. It is a sort of filing exercise of things I would like for me, or to give to others, that I know is organised- which my brain sometimes is not.

I have tried looking for a kind of all encompassing global wish list and have found some but so far they haven't really satisfied my craving for order and ease of use.

I think a wish list is actually one of the best non spending tools as it does provide reassurance; you can go to it and see that the £90 book you want is still available so that when you do have £90 to spend on it it will be there.

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