Friday 2 January 2009

Lostmarc'h Lann- Ael

Lann- Ael gave this sometimes jaded nose lots to think about. For it is quite unlike any scent I have encountered in perfumery so far.

It is a gourmand scent but its intent doesn’t seem to be seduction by chocolate or vanilla. Lann- Ael apparently means Angel heath in Breton and the official notes for it are: Buckwheat, other cereals, whiffs of milk, apple and vanilla. On me the buckwheat and cereal notes are quite dominant and are what make it so unusual and interesting.

For the first hour or so the scent is very much as the notes describe, it is captivating both because it is quite different and because of the milk and cereal side being so soothing. In the dry down the vanilla and becomes much more dominant and the fragrance becomes less unusual, but the cereal note and the hint of fruit still keep it from being like others available.

To me Lann- Ael is the scent of a woman who nurtures. It is a scent to comfort, to calm and of being happy and peaceful. However if all that sounds a bit boring and innocent I am doing it a disservice. For I think this is a scent lots of people will lean in to smell again and again.


Anonymous said...

I *love* Lann-Ael, I am so glad to see this review! I hope that Lostmarc'h gets a lot more attention in the coming year, I would love to try more of their stuff and may just do that.

To me, Lann-Ael is the smell of Fruit Loops in heaven.

Rose said...

Hi Fountaingirl, thanks for stopping by. I love it too and agree it should get more attention, although I quite like it being a hidden gem too.

Fruit Loops in heaven made me giggle! I think you're probably quite right, on me they are fruit loops with lots of warm milk.

Unknown said...

On the top of my list when I am in the mood to sniff gourmands again.

Rose said...

Hi Jena, I really liked it, it is quite unusual but lovely