Thursday 20 May 2010

In five years time

Jayne from a A Novice Novelist has tagged me in a game of what a difference five years can make.

So the game would like to know:

Where were you five years ago? Here. Well a different desk but effectively here. I would like to tell you I was a jazz singer in Paris or with the Doctor in the tardis but it wouldn’t be true.

Where would you like to be five years from now? All I know about that is in London with a pen and paper- I’d like to find a healthy me with healthy loved ones

What is on your to-do list today? EVERYTHING- people to pay, things to book, stuff to write, stuff to listen to, rubbish to take out, washing to put in

What five snacks do you enjoy?
Cheese, Macaroons, Parma violets, rose and violet creams, prawn cocktail crisps- so mostly pink and purple food

What would you do if you were a Billionaire?
All that I could fit in, go to all the places I haven't been, see all the bands/ exhibitions/ films and plays I haven't, read all those books on the shelf- I would live the same life effectively but with the time and freedom money buys I suppose.

I would try to help others to do what they wanted to do too, if that doesn’t sound glib. Obviously after I’d bought everything on my Amazon wishlist, a cottage and a vintage sports car.

Pass it on...

So I'd like to hear how the following people would answer these questions- but only if they would like to play of course. Over to you:

Metropolitan Mum

Cassandra from Jacob Wrestling

Lewis William at Knightley or Elton (I thought it might get you out of the garden/ jam jar speak easy!)

Emily from London Zest

and Mr London Street when you're back from your holiday


Wildernesschic said...

Great idea its amazing what a difference five years makes to your life .. xx

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Pink and purple food.
I love that.

vicki archer said...

Such fun Rose - a great list, xv.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Thank you so much, I feel truly honoured. And of course, I am going to play along. (she said munching on a snack of cheese)
PS: Did you get my email? I learned today that other mail servers read my email address as potential spam. I might be in your spam folder...

Rose said...

Hi Wilderness Chic- yes it's a good game- I don't think has made much difference in mine but I still quite like it so that's the main thing!

Hi Pamela- yes I think it's fun- although I don't think a diet based entirely on pink and purple food is recommended nutriotionally!

Hi Vicki- I'm glad you liked, I'd love to hear yours! and I'd like to hear everyone's, they are quite interesting

Hi MM- Ah cheese, I think I could live on it alone quite happily actually.

Yes I just did and it was really lovely to hear from you, I've just replied!

Mystica said...

I didnt know what prawn cocktail crisps were till I read it here! Enlightening...

Lewis William said...

Firstly - love the header, it's stunning and very you.
Secondly - thank you very much for enticing me out from under the jam jars!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

LOL to the pink and purple food :)

Rose said...

Hi Mystica- really! you can get them everywhere here

Hi J- Thanks really glad you approve of the header- the jam jars sound fun- but so are silly internet games ;-)

Hi Daily- yes it seems to have been popular, I am strange