Monday 7 June 2010

Wilton's Music Hall

I am a long time fan of Wilton's Music Hall since seeing it on the BBC Restoration programme. You can read all about the hall here. It is basically one of the last surviving music halls and once you have been there I can't see how you wouldn't want it to be saved. The good news is they have a bar so if you are in the area you can help to save it by going for a drink!

This is an important building though and I think sometimes people think London gets lots of funding but it is a big place and that's not always true- this place really is only going to be savable for a few more years. It is quite lovely, like a chap in a beautifully tailored Saville Row suit who has been out all night and is now a bit rough around the edges and all the more gorgeous for it.

Wilton's are currently working on their website but the page that is up also has lots of information about upcoming events and how you can hire the hall.

Wilton's Music Hall 150th anniversary post available from the very cool

Image from Elephants Graveyard

You can take a virtual tour here.

Or join the Facebook page.


Marie said...

I think some of my friends are getting married there in September 2011. Very excited if they do! And from the website it looks beautiful...

Rose said...

Hi Marie- it would be perfect for a wedding, it's really where I would like to get married! It's a bit like a Victoriana Polpo if that helps! (withough the Venetian food but with some very nice cider)