Monday 5 July 2010

A good day

BBC6music is saved. Glory be. I can love the BBC all over again. Proof that good things do happen and that protest can work.

I celebrated with a Snog. The frozen yoghurt kind, although BBC executives, I could maybe be persuaded.

Fresh from reading this happy news and during what was honestly rather a mediocre Greek salad lunch I found Bill Nighy's five things I know about style on the Guardian website. Obviously what this man doesn't know about style isn't worth knowing ladies- and especially gentleman. 'I'd kill myself before wearing a pair of tracksuit bottoms'. Well quite.

I really enjoyed the first episode of Rev and I'm looking forward to episode 2 either this evening or on the blessed i-player (without which I think I would see basically no television at all, ever). It was at that BBC pace of old, not overly challenging but touching and true- also about a group of people who don't really get characterised these days- the not cool but not eccentric or specific- the normal really, it made me smile anyway. I may be biased though, I like Tom Hollander in pretty much everything he does.


Metropolitan Mum said...

Let's go snog BBC executives. Or actually, I think I'd prefer the yoghurt.

PS: Tracksuit bottoms, I never quite understood the concept either. I mean, why oh why?

Rose said...

Hi MM- he he- the yoghurt won't let you down- my friend calls them keep fat pants- says it all really