Tuesday 9 November 2010

Content Beauty/ Wellbeing

Some weekends ago- when it was still Autumn- I arrived in central London to find the sun blazing and decided to walk from Covent Garden to my appointment in Marylebone. My shoes were making that happy clicking noise that only brouges make on pavements and I was enjoying weaving through the much prettier side streets to avoid the madness that is a Saturday in W1- truly I do love London but I can only love it by taking some eccentric routes at the weekend.

So already in a peaceful mood I visited Content Beauty/ Wellbeing a frankly almost too good to be true salon, apothecary and grown ups sweet shop for anyone who likes natural and organic beauty, based just off Marylebone High Street.

I was there to try the perfumes (of course) and so focused was I on the search for new smells that I sort of forgot that I love natural beauty.

In fact natural products are very important to me- although I don't think that has to mean expensive products. There is a fantastic range available at Content- some of the trusted favourites like Dr Hauschka, Jurlique and Weleda (which is extremely good value in my opinion) and some newer or less well known brands. There was also a really interesting range of organic hair care available which I want to start trying (haircare is a bit like make up I find, we all want to be natural but end up using the chemicals because we haven't found natural products that are good enough to make us stop- especially if like me you have long, curly, celtic hair).

I am going to be writing about the lovely, interesting organic perfumes I tried there in the coming weeks- but may I suggest if you wanted to treat yourself to anything natural at all it would be the place to go.

(These pictures are from one of the feature walls inside the shop).


Joan Hunter Dunn said...

Ooh I love mooching around London and discovering new places. Looking forward to hearing more about your finds and also I do hope you post your thoughts on the Dior exhibition at Somerset House.

TEFL Ninja said...

I really miss that aspect of London, for all the hoohar, Milan just isn't that brill for shopping.

Anonymous said...

One suggestion, as another celtic hair person: Lush's hair care is good natural stuff because one of the founders is a trichologist.
Yes, using the henna requires you to keep a fragrant warm cowpat on your barnet for a few hours (yum!) but by golly it does the hair good! And the shampoos and conditioners have never let me down. (I'm not a fan of the facial skincare, however.)
Yours, with a fine head of naturally-tended hair,

Anna in Edinburgh

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish it was still Autumn now. It's better weather for strolling down side streets than in the chilly winter air that makes you want to walk a bit quicker and duck into every coffee shop along the way. Thanks for the shop suggestion. The walls look lovely. London has so much to discover!

Trudi * Fabricated Tales said...

Really looking forward to what you have to say about organic perfumes as I'm trying to changeover and have tried a couple out but none that I love.

hiraeth said...

i just happened across your post as i also love this shop. i wanted to share my favourite hair products as i too have the celtic hair gene (mother) and italian (father) - i swear by Barefoot Botanicals S.O.S - Shampoo and Conditioner - even though i don't have dry scalp and John Masters Reconstructor - brilliant for winter.