Friday 18 February 2011

Theatre: Vernon God Little at The Young Vic

Mindful of this recent and very thought provoking article in the Guardian about bloggers reviewing plays before the preview period is over to the detriment of the theatre they supposedly support I have waited a little while to review Vernon God Little.

Now firstly I must declare something of a bias towards the Young Vic. I loved it when it was more ramshackle for it's programme and it's space- and I love it even more since its makeover- it retains a theatre where no seat is a bad seat and in addition is now a cool destination even if you aren't going to watch a play there.

Vernon God Little is a terrific production. Of course it comes from excellent source material (the book of the same name by DBC Pierre) but this production takes the story off the page using the set, music, movement and everything a theatre has at its disposal that a book does not. This is a revival of the original Young Vic production which starred Colin Morgan (who now stars in Merlin); I didn't see the original cast but Joseph Drake who plays Vernon currently is a brilliant choice- his performance is a layered mix of troubled teen, wise old man, petulance, Eminem style rage and goodness.

As ever tickets for this production are ridiculously good value and the Young Vic really do put back into the community. In my humble opinion your money would be much better spent on this than some musical of a film that wasn't even very good in the eighties for double the price with half a view. If all of that isn't enough to recommend the production there is also makes excellent of moving sofas- and a banjo. I rest my case.

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