Wednesday 16 March 2011

Interactive dinner at Inamo

I'd read lots about Inamo, the fusion restaurant with an interactive ordering system. I thought it sounded cool but perhaps a bit gimmicky and I'd never managed to get there.

Last night I went to their second branch on Lower Regent Street (the original being on Wardour Street). As soon as I walked in I realised I'd be mistaken not to come here straight away. The interactive system is genius- you can order your drinks, your food, call the waiter, check the bill and, perhaps most importantly, play battleships (other games are available). Sure the need to constantly change your table display or re check the menu for the fifteenth time might slightly affect the quality of the conversation but our party was a mix of old friends and new faces and the entertainment was a welcome talking point (and frankly if you were going on a date and weren't sure how it would go this place would be brilliant).

The food is very good too- I had seafood gyoza which was delicious and pork with spicy chocolate sauce, I'm still not sure about the whole chocolate with savoury things trend but the pork was very gingery and nice- as were the salmon, cinnamon chicken, seabass and duck that fellow diners had (and there were veggie options too- although really this is a Pescatarians paradise).

So in short Inamo has good, healthy food and is lots of fun.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, I would be so dangerous in this place!!

Rose said...

Hi Pamela- he he- I was!