Thursday 1 March 2012


So of late I have found myself in something of a no- spend.

Like rain on a sunny day there seems to be no reason for my thrifty episodes occurring. It is usually at times when I really should be pulling my belt in that I suddenly need new clothes or to buy those must have theatre tickets to use in 6 months time that then clash with something.

At the moment I am embarking on something of an exciting adventure that will involve some investment so that is, in part, perhaps the reason for my fiscal reserve- but it isn't the only reason.

I could definitely do with some new clothes- or more realistically slimming into some of my old clothes (which would be both thrifty and healthy, I had a panic attack the other morning so I'm trying to get more sleep and look after myself, part of which is exercise but the other part of which is definitely sleep). There is also a definite case for me buying an ipad, I could even make a good business case for that kind of spending- but I'm not really interested.

I am turned off by most 'you must buy this' and 'this season we will mostly be wearing' articles. My desire for high end items is undiminished- I really did want the lilac Valentino peep toe shoes with about £500 off yesterday, but I have 100 pairs of shoes. Most of those shoes are beautiful heels that I don't wear and do I really need another pair of those? (I am still thinking about them, it is possible I really do need them).

I am also being quite thrifty food wise. I never scrimp on the quality of meat or vegetables but I do tire of throwing things away so I just shop as I go now. It does mean sometimes on a Saturday morning when you are too tired to move that you don't have any food in the house but it also means you don't put the weekly shop in the bin!

For a long time I've though of buying a home and though it will never be easy it is something I must find a way to do- and I know if and when I do there will be costs and consequences (and that I will definitely not be able to be thrifty interiors buying wise). Perhaps I am thinking about that next chapter.

As a woman now not a girl the obsession with buying the latest make up, the latest fashion, the latest download- well it is passing. I'm not sure what will replace it- or if this is just a phase.

The one area that I always have and always will spend on is books. I now own a Kindle (okay that did involve spending) which means I'm buying digital and print editions of books because I feel treacherous just buying the digital ones (and you can't lend them on). I literally can't think about how heavy the boxes will be if I do ever move.


Metropolitan Mum said...

YOU HAD A PANIC ATTACK??!! I am so sorry to hear this!
I feel that it's part of getting older - the not wanting everything all the time bit. You start to value quality much more. I recently thought I should start having a look at those many vintage shops in Chelsea and Marylebone. It's crazy really that anyone would pay full price for designer clothes.

Ines said...

Ha! I'm going through a sort of self-imposed thrift period at the moment as well. :)
I really have enough of everything and I need to save at least a little bit of my money so I'm trying first to take better use of my wardrobe, read most of the books I have (digital or real) and pretty much only buy make-up I've used up and really need to replace (and there aren't many of those items).
I never learned how to save and not spend so I think it's time I started.
Btw, are you aware of NetGalley? You might find some interesting (free) books there as well.

emily jessica said...

i really look forward to the day when i stop wanting something because it has a shiny circle drawn around it or because 'i saw someone cool with something like that on the bus once...yes. i definitely need one of those'

any advise on how to reach this zen-like stage you've got to? the quicker the better for my visa card i think!!