Thursday 4 September 2008

Bathing in bluebells

I'm not sure if it's the weather cooling or the fact that our bath which used to only run luke warm and required Victorian style topping up with kettle boiled water has suddenly started running proper hot water but I am obsessed with baths at the moment.

I have always liked a bath but having long hair and being busy means I normally just take showers. However lately I am taking a bath in the evening and then jumping in the shower too!

So I have a renewed interest in bath oils and foams all of a sudden.

For pure luxury and indulgence I have always enjoyed Penhaligon's bath oils and have been lucky enough to pick up bottles in sales.

My favourite Penhaligon's bath oil is Bluebell, although I also like Violetta, and would love to try the Lavendula and Elizabethan Rose.

Bluebell is an unusual scent in both the oil and perfume incarnations. Reading reviews it seems a bit love or hate and I can understand not everyone would appreciate it- but to me it really does smell of an English wood, of damp earth that has been shaded by trees for hundreds of years, and for taking me to the woods near my childhood home I love it.

I actually think the scent is in many ways more suited to the bath oil as the steam makes the whole room smell of woods (perhaps that's just the quantity I put in though) and it's more evocative this way.I also find it very calming, restorative and re balancing.

Bluebells picture courtesy of:

Penhaligon's bottle from their website as above


Unknown said...

This sounds gorgeous! I love to take bathes too, unfortunately my little studio only has a shower. Love the penhaglions(sp?) packaging though.

Rose said...

Yes they are such a simple pleasure and so relaxing.

A shower is also very relaxing though and I think ultimately better for getting you clean!

ScentScelf said...

Ah! I do love anything that includes a bit of the forest floor...will have to see if I can get a chance to experience this over here!

Rose said...

Yes do, it's a shame it's not so easy to get samples of bath products as perfume.

That said I would say the bath oil is very like the bluebell perfume once it's settled on the skin so if you can try that you will have an idea!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Rose- Great blog! I am a California girl but married to a Brit so I live in London for part of the year...we stay right next to a Pehhaligon's and I pop in every time I walk by. Love the products and the packaging! Another great bath oil is Ren: Moroccan Rose Otto. I think you could find it at a Space NK Apothecary...

Rose said...

Daily Connoisseur- thank- you very much! Your blog looks lovely too, I need to visit and read thoroughly.

Ah living next to a Penhaligon's sounds lovely.

Yes I always smell the Ren Rose Otto but haven't been lucky enough to try it. It smells wonderful though, like Turkish Delight!

Aimée L'Ondée said...

Love Bluebell! I've been wondering if perhaps the bath oil would be nice. Is it a bath oil that works as a skin scent, as well? I have vintage bath oils that are incredible as perfume, but haven't tried Penhaligon's.

Rose said...

Yes me too! Yes it does work as a skin scent for a few hours on me. I need a really good non scented body cream as that would lock it in... or the matching Bluebell body cream would be nice