Thursday 25 September 2008

Miller Harris fragrant tea room

Today's Daily Candy London has the news that Miller Harris are opening a fragrant tea room in their main Bruton Street shop.

Some googling led me to this interesting 4 part interview with Lynn Harris of Miller Harris which contains more information about the teas.

I was interested and excited to read that she had made the teas in conjunction with Postcard Teas, a beautiful little shop on Dering Street in Mayfair which I have blogged about before. When I visited the shop Timothy D'Offay the owner did tell me that he had been working in conjunction with a perfumer on some teas but I was too bashful to ask which one or I could have had myself a scoop! As I said to him I think the collaboration makes absolute sense.

The interviewer for Beauty and the Dirt also asked Lynn Harris which perfumes she wears, to which she answers 'Amongst others, Terre de Bois from Miller Harris and Jicky by Guerlain'. I admire her for not just saying her own fragrance and Jicky= great taste.

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Unknown said...

Rose, once again I am jealous, I love tea, and it will be quite interesting to see perfumers take on tea. You must report back dutifully when this opens :-)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I love tea too- am sipping a gorgeous jasmine green as I write this... you must go and review it once it opens- can't wait!

Rose said...

Hi Jenavira, I promise to review just as soon as I pop in! The only problem is if I pop in I will want to buy perfume... I think tea is a relatively affordable pleasure, my list of perfume wants is so long and expensive at the moment!

Rose said...

Yes I think a lof of perfume lovers are also real tea lovers. I love Jasmine tea, it's so relaxing and exotic.

I promise to report as soon as I get there.

Perfume shops in London keep hours for people who don't have jobs so it has to be a weekend!

lady jicky said...

I wish Guerlain would really read what women wear and want.
I am a Jicky wearer and we have seen this scent reduced to just the parfum (cannot buy here in Australia anymore) and the EDT or EDP and then is so difficult to find !!!!
There are alot of us who love their classics and yet Guerlain discontinue or reduce their range! Rrrrr
Now I shall site down and try to relax with a nice cup of tea. LOL

Kim said...

Hi Lady Jicky- that's a great name!

I know Guerlain either don't realise their old scents have such devoted fans or think they'll keep buying them however hard they get to find or however small the range gets.

I love Apres L'Ondee and that's quite hard to find in the UK and only available in EDT.