Tuesday 28 October 2008

Wear your poppy with pride

For this years Poppy appeal the Royal British Legion have asked three jewellery designers to make pieces based on poppies.

My favourite jewellery designer Alex Monroe has made this lovely gold and jewelled poppy broach, as worn by the fabulous Judi Dench.

Luxury jewellery Theo Fennell has made this piece (as modelled by the also fabulous Dame Helen Mirren)

and Kleshan, loved by the stars, have made this broach, again seen on Dame Judi Dench:

Bids can be made for the jewellery here. I think this is a lovely idea and although these are a little out of my price range I hope they raise lots of money. I will be wearing my normal paper poppy with pride on Remembrance Day.

Alex Monroe broach picture courtesy of www.vogue.co.uk

Theo Fennell and Kleshan Poppy pictures courtesy of: http://www.auctionair.co.uk/britishlegion/High%2DBid%2DAuction/


The Daily Connoisseur said...

How lovely... the one Helen Mirren is wearing is my favorite...

ScentScelf said...

The first is my favorite, but they are all fun interpretations.

We have a Remembrance Day, too (Veteran's Day here), and my grandfather always sold paper poppies then. I was older, of course, when I was reading about Flanders Field, and pondering some scene from a movie, when the full meaning and impact suddenly whammed me, and by then it was too late to tell Papa.

And, in the funny way things work, I have Farnesiana on my wrist right now...first go 'round with it...and I have a sneaking suspicion our little exchange here will always be woven with my associations of this scent!

Rose said...

Hi Daily- I think the first two are my favourites, I love Alex Monroe's jewellery anyway so am a little biased there!

It's a great idea though and two lovely models!

Rose said...

Hi Scentscelf,
I agree I like the first best too but they are all fun and probably cater to different tastes and budgets.

When you are a child I think while you understand that both world wars and all wars were/ are awful you don't fully realise until a certain point when I agree it suddently hits you. Even now little things get me. A friend of mine thought I was sweet but slightly mad when I got upset at a memorial to staff who died during the blitz on the underground one day.

I too lost my Grandparents before I could fully appreciate what they had been through or ask them the questions I would have liked to. I do remember they didn't like to talk about it too much, which I suppose is understandable.

That's lovely about the Farnesiana

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,
Thank you so much for this, and for choosing such fine actresses (or is everyone an actor nowadays?) to show the poppies. I'm going to look in Liberty's for Alex Monroe jewellery on Friday! His poppy is absolutely beautiful. It is right and proper, as in the Latin "decorum", for us to remember all who have fought, and are still fighting, in wars: and like you I'll be wearing my poppy with pride...
Best wishes,

Rose said...

Dear Linda,
Thank- you for your lovely comment. I didn't actually choose the actresses (actors?) the British Legion must have asked them.
Have a fabulous time at Liberty looking at the case of Alex Monroe jewellery- I think his stuff is beautiful. I would love to own all of it!