Sunday 5 April 2009

On tanning

I have decided holidays can change who we are- either just for the time we are away, or in a much more permanent way.

For the most part I just turn into a much more relaxed version of myself when away- and I would imagine therefore a much pleasanter and more patient me.

This time around I became fairly obsessed with tanning in a way I hadn't ever been before. Sure we all feel better when we're browner, it's slimming, it hides imperfections, it makes us look more attractive- but I had always accepted that I was one of life's pale and (hopefully) interesting types- because even after 2 weeks in burning sun I am normally a faintly gold colour at best.

On this holiday for the first time I found myself tempted to ditch the sun cream and get a really dark colour. I didn't do as I wished and kept faithfully layering on the factor 5000 but it did worry me that I started to think maybe sun beds or layers of orange fake tan weren't so bad after all.

Now that I am back it doesn't seem as important at all to be brown- and the idea of applying endless after sun is becoming more and more boring. but I do quite like the 'aren't you a lovely colour' type comments and it does give me more of a swing in my step to be sun kissed.


ScentScelf said...


A fellow creamy complexion lass here, who knows just what you mean, even with the other side of my brain going on about healthy smooth skin for a lifetime vs color for a decade.

A reminder if the inclination to tan strikes again--tanning lotions have come a long way from the orange streaky weirdness they once were. In fact, one of the top rated is very affordable (Jergens).

Welcome back! Isn't it delightful to feel a slower pace inside?

Rose said...

Scentscelf- hello! it's so nice to be back, I confess I did miss my laptop, although I'm sure it was good to have a break from computers/ mobiles/ i pods etc.

I will have to check out the Jergens asap! I don't know it.

Yes the slower pace is wonderful, I'm just not sure how to go back to the faster one now!!

kathleen said...

Hah! Well, let's have a look!
Welcome back..

Rose said...

Hi Kathleen, but that would spoil the mystery! that and I haven't worked out the camera to laptop thing yet... I'll get there eventually!

Thank you! It's nice to be back actually, I missed London and my computer- although a break is always good.