Wednesday 5 August 2009

Diptyque Philosykos

I thought it was probably time for a perfume review around here as it's been a while!

With the never ending trail of new scents to try it can be easy to undervalue the treasure on our dressers and I realised today that I don't talk about Diptyque Philosykos very much at all- which is strange because the perfume world it is my equivalent of a sophisticated friend I can have fun anywhere with.

My love for philosykos wasn't instant, it gradually worked it's way into my consciousness while I was obsessing about it's more melancholy sister L'Ombre Dans L'Eau and others in the family. I would always spritz Philosykos, think it was very good but somehow not for me and then move on.

Then one very hot day in London I spritzed some as I walked past a Diptyque counter and I knew I had to have a bottle before the scent had touched my skin.

On me all the green, creamy lack of sweetness of Philosykos works best at the height of summer when it blooms.

The scent of a fig or fig tree is nothing like any of the natural summer smells of England but this perfume has worked it's way into my consciousness so much that it is now summer in a bottle to me; although it's never summer in the sense of suntan lotion and coconut oil but something more far away and even otherworldly than that.

It is a scent I always found to be worn by people with extremely good taste and seems to inspire fierce loyalty. Although I tend to wear it in the summer I can see why for some it becomes their signature scent and the only thing they want to smell of. It is constantly interesting, satisfyingly unexpected, contemplative but with a joyful heart, it at once a scent I could imagine on a classical God or Goddess and utterly modern.

When I bought my first bottle of Philosykos, the day I realised it's beauty, I clutched it tightly with pleasure as the first sprays dried into my skin and hugged it to me. I still give it a little hug sometimes as I apply it, it fills me with happiness that such a scent exists and I can wear it all summer long.

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The Daily Connoisseur said...

My mother-in-law (who is the most stylish person I know) has this in her powder room and whenever I visit their house I always sneak a little spray. It is divine!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I have recently been in perfume pergatory. I have used Diorissimo for is my favourite perfume and has become my signature one as well...but the toilette version just disappears on me, so I've always used the Esprit de Parfum. It has become increasingly difficult to find and I usually had to order it from Dior in Paris. But now...alas...even Paris has it no more. Seems Dior was purchased by another company who obviously deems Diorissimo dated and passe. I found a very nice gentleman on the internet who is sending me some for now, but am worried I'll not be able to find anymore! This shouldn't be upsetting. But it is.

As Diorissimo is almost pure Lily of the Valley.... I wonder if Floris or Penhaligon would do???

Rose said...

Hi Daily- it is the preserve of the truly stylish

Hi Pamela- it's terribly when a perfume you love gets discontinued. I agree the strength of a scent and it's make up can really affect it, for example I only like the eau de parfum of coco mademoiselle.

I would recommend you stock pile if you really love this. Penhaligon's lily is good but nothing mathes Diorrismo in my opinion.

Unknown said...

You know what is strange this is extremely sweet on me.

Rose said...

Hi Jen- is it? The creamy/ coconut type note is sweet on me but the greeness of the fig cancels it out. I think it's the creaminess that people find sexy though. I always get lots of compliments on Philosykos- more from men than women actually. I think it would lovely on a man who dared to wear it.

Tania said...

Thanks for reminding me about this one, Rose - I have so many perfumes sometimes I fiorget what I've got. Maybe I'll dig it out tomorrow!
I do love Philosykos - and L'Artisan Premier Figuier, which is the same perfumer's other go at fig. I think that one is different enough to make it worth trying both.

Rose said...

Hi Tania, you're welcome- I forget how lovely some of mine are too.

Premier Figuier is more coconuty on me but also very interesting- but Philosykos is my one true fig love. Actually I wonder if it would be worth layering them to see if there was a whole new scent to try!