Thursday 1 October 2009

Corsages on coats and whiskers on kittens

One of most visited internet shopping outposts is Not on the High Street and I found these corsages by A Alicia there. (There is also an A Alicia etsy shop I have discovered).

Corsages make me smile and definitely fit into 'my favourite things', whether they are made of felt or crochet or even real flowers. Someone said they thought they were a horrid tradition for weddings to me the other day- but I think they are wonderful- obviously only nice ones, none with that strange white filler stuff you get in petrol station bouquets.

Anyway in these times of watching our purse strings and make do and mend I think A Alicia's could give a wonderful lift to coats and even plain and inexpensive t-shirts and dresses and that is how I am going to justify one for myself.


Metropolitan Mum said...

Oh wow. They look delicious - just like straight from a cupcake.

Linda said...

Hi Rose - these are absolutely gorgeous and I am gong to buy some. They will look stunning with a black outfit, and are a definite cheer-up purchase for not too much!
Thank you, and best wishes,

Rose said...

Hi MM- that's true. Less calorific too- what's not to like?!

Hi Linda- how lovely, I'm so glad you liked them so much and agree they are going to look stunning and aren't too scary for the purse! Best wishes, Rx