Monday 30 November 2009

Your favourite animated Disney film

I was very excited to hear my current music obsession Mumford and Sons covered ‘Not in Nottingham’ from Disney’s Robin Hood carton on Zane Lowe’s Radio One show last week. You can listen here for 2 more days!

Robin Hood was always my favourite Disney film as a child- which I recall my friends thought a little strange as it wasn’t the most well known. It used to be very hard to get Disney videos and dvds which made a TV screening of any of their films terribly thrilling- but a Robin Hood showing was extra exciting to me. I seem to remember it often being on at Christmas and Easter and how excited I was every time the Bear Little John started singing at the beginning of the film. I adored Robin the fox but really it was Prince John the Lion that made me giggle as a child- and if I am totally honest as a much bigger child-adult studying the Crusades I really could never get the image of the silly cartoon Prince John whose crown didn't fit versus the cartoon King Richard, with his billowing lion mane and grand robes, out of my head when we did Richard the Lionheart and the Third Crusade.

Luckily for many parents the world over- and some grown-up kids- Disney now make their back catalogue far easier to come by so I can watch Robin Hood whenever I feel like it- and around this time of year my head does turn to family films and regressing. So some time before Christmas- or maybe on Boxing Day- there will be a big kid with Christmas pyjama’s on singing 'ooh de lally, ooh de lally , golly what a day' to herself while she wraps/ cleans up.

What’s your favourite animated Disney film?

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Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I love this memory! Remember when these shows were only one once or twice a year, and it was so magical when they were? I think we loose something when kids get to watch them over and over any time...

My favorite is still Cinderella...when she is washing the floor and can see herself in the bubbles! Ah...

Rose said...

Hi Marion- I know I miss that feeling of an 'event' when a really great piece of TV was going to be on. Although I love being able to watch tv on playback on the internet- and probably wouldn't see very much at all if I couldn't- I do miss that feeling of everyone watching at once and talking about it the next day at school/ work/ wherever.

Ah Cinderella is lovely- they all are really. I was going to say that I prefer the old ones but actually The Lion King is one of the best and is relatively new.

I hope they keep making old fashioned animation. Pixar and co are great but drawn cartoons do have a magical quality.

Jayne said...

I also adored Robin Hood (and Robin the fox!) - lots of nice songs in this film. I might sing 'ooh de lally' as I search around for a lunchtime sandwich.

My favourite animated Disney? If we are going all animated (and so ruling out Mary Poppins) then I will plump for 101 Dalmations. This is for the views of London, the skinny Regent's Park houses where Roger and Pongo live. I think I always wanted to live there (and still do!)

Rose said...

Hi Jayne- I'm so glad you did too! The film actually really means something to me. Hope you have a good sing along to sandwich shopping!

You know 101 Dalmations would be my second choice- we obviously match on Disney. Now that was really hard to find when we were young wasn't it. I love the depiction of London and the jazz soundtrack- it's a cool one to like I think. It's a favourite story of mine too- Dodie- terribly name but great writer.

Jayne said...

I got very excited when I worked in 'mystery city' (Manchester) earlier this year, and I noticed a blue plaque on a house alongside the road to work - and it was actually Dodie Smith's house! Apparently she lived there until she was 14. No magic to be found today though - it's on a hugely busy main road, and looks like a disused unloved office has been shoe-horned downstairs. But it still made me happy to walk past! Favourite story of mine too. :)

101 Dalmations the film was incredibly hard to find. My first Disney animation I remember seeing was The Fox and the Hound. I cried buckets!

Rose said...

Oh that's great you found Dodie's childhood home- although I imagined it to be like the castle in I Capture the Castle.

Yes 101 only came about a few years ago I think- because I remember thinking oh my goodness are they only just releasing that- and also that I rather wanted it!

Ah the Fox and the hounds- you forget how many there are don't you. A good toon should make you have a little cry I think.