Friday 30 December 2011

Lost perfume treasure

It has not been good news on the buying things that have been on the wish list front of late.

I tried a great bay rum but with citrus, great on a guy, cool on a girl, scent in Anthropologie in the summer and now I can find it nowhere. It was really good, the cool label contained a cool scent- but I think it must not have found enough noses (despite seeming so... yes I'm going to say cool again because it just was). I have tried to contact the Grove company but they thought it was on sale on Anthropologie's US site and it isn't.

Oh the perfume treasure we see and should grab when we can. If you see some try it and let me know what you think- it may have become better than it was in my mind because I can't get it- but I think it was excellent!

So the loss of Grove is a shame but oh well. However I also have been wearing as my every day scent for some years L'Occitane Green tea and mint (as discussed here), just for work and play and to smell fresh- it's a good price, good quality and I like the way the mint makes it a bit quirky and everyone likes a tea and mint smell- so I've found. Well. Well. What should I find when I do some boxing day online browsing, my go to every day, smells of me scent is gone- gone! also not on ebay! Okay they still do the green tea and they still do the green tea with jasmine- but it's the mint that makes it worth getting- that makes it a bit unusual and a bargain for it's price that I can spray without feeling guilty. Gone. The prescious is lost. I should not have sprayed with wild abandon.

So the search is on for a new every day smell that is not expensive so I can spray lots. I don't want anything too feminine or that would overpower people but I don't want anything very insipid either, no bland citrus or floral smells please. I like laundry fragrances for this sort of thing- I used to wear Clean but you get through that in about a day it smells so good. A green tea might be the thing, or a mint- or the two halves as a whole- but then we stray into expense again. I would like Heeley mint but that's no really cheap enough to spray around the office if your colleague has a smelly lunch. It's good to have a project I suppose. Sniff.


Daly Beauty said...

I love almost all the L'Occitane scents! The Vetyver is also fresh, green and clean, and for something with a little bit of warmth, Eau de Baux is so yummy! Lately I have become addicted to the Shea Butter line scent- like a sweet almond soap. I wish it came in a cologne! One of my fave go-to cheap'n'cheerful clean scents is, don't laugh, Banana Republic "W". Bobbi Brown has been quoted as saying it is her favourite clean skin scent and that she wishes she had created it! $50 for a giant honking bottle! Also, Barney's Route du Thé and Bobbi Brown Bath (which smell like soapy orange blossoms). I am a lover of clean simple scents!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the L'Occitane thé vert á la menthe is discontinued...I just saw it a few days ago (on boxing day) in the L'Occitane store in Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin central station)! So maybe it just isn't available in the online store at the moment...


Jayne said...

That L'Occitane scent sounds so lovely, and you are right, everyone likes a tea and mint smell. Peppermit tea always smells so fresh and clean (and yet a little spruce, a little perky). I hope you either find another similar (and write about it so I know what it is!) or that this one not being around is just a temporary blip. Happy New Year!

eula_w said...

These L'Occitane scent sounds really interesting! I am not good for a fragrance descriptions but I wanted to have a perfume collections. :)

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