Wednesday 15 February 2012


My wanderlust for a trip to Copenhagen is out of control at the moment and this guide to restaurants in Copenhagen by the chefs at Noma (from the Guardian) really hasn't helped.

I've never been to Copenhagen and despite having no trip booked I do periodically log on to the Noma website to see if there are tables- even for one- there never are. Ever.

I don't just want to go for the food though. I know I'm always saying it but I really do love Sweden and I want to visit the other countries of the north so much. The only thing is holiday does still in many ways say to me 'hot' and 'sun' and I don't think Copenhagen has any beaches for sun bathing or sun loungers for reading paperbacks of dubious literary quality. It does have (I imagine) fashion and Hammershoi (I know going to the Hammershoi house is probably the equivalent of going to the change of the guard but I don't care!) and jewellery shops and feelings of Nordic coolness. Plus everyone is so polite in countries that aren't here- where as here I now often feel has a lost a bit of soul (which is terribly sad and possibly just a current feeling- perhaps with some sun that will pass).

Until then- to the North!

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