Wednesday 8 February 2012

Skincare: Keep the Peace by Philosophy

Keep the Peace is a new range of skincare from Philosophy for those who suffer with redness and have sensitive skin.

I am a long term fan of Philosophy and when I visited America more I always came back with a cocktail cabinet full of their shower gels (Margherita is a particular favourite). I like their little sayings and affirmations- they can lift you on a grey Tuesday morning when all you have to look forward to is being shouted at by an angry client. I have never used their skincare before though (however I'm a long term fan of their make up remover which is very soothing for my extremely sensitive eyes which are irratated by most removers including all wipes that say they are for sensitive skin- so I have always been curious about their other products).

As I've said before I have very pale skin and as with all English roses I do tend towards redness. I also have sensitive skin which can be dry (and is very dry this winter, especially after the ice and snow this weekend). I also find I get dry skin when I'm stressed- which can be anytime of the year!

I don't usually use samples or kind offers of products in skincare precisely because my skin can become irratated easily and I try not to overload it or upset it! However I have always liked Philosophy and this sounded made for me, so I went for it.

The moisturiser smells lovely and is a light consistency (which I appreciate, products for sensitive skin can be heavy and this actually makes it worse- making a layer of moisture over the problem, not helping it). When first applied I found my skin became warm and a little red for a couple of minutes, this wasn't unpleasant but rather like applying one of those face masks you get in Europe (and Superdrug!) that are brightly coloured and warm your skin. That sensation goes very quickly and I was left with moisturised calm and softened skin.

I am lazy and can sometimes miss a day of moisturising, this product works far better if you do use it every day (because it is light) and if you do that it's very good indeed. I haven't had any reactions or problems and the dryness and redness have been better with this product than most others (I'm still quite devoted to Dr Haushka rose cream but it is heavy, especially in the summer, and can interfere with applying make up). So I'm very pleased and would genuinely recommend this to other pale reds like me.

NB. You will need to use another spf (that is also true of the Dr H and many sensitive products, I think sun block may be an irratant in itself as I usually find it isn't included in organic or sensitive products).

(Disclosure: I was given press samples of the moisturiser and mask in this range).

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