Tuesday 20 March 2012

Going Cuban

I went shopping at the weekend (believe it or not that's actually quite rare for me).

Cuban heels are the new thing aren't they? and it's taking my eyes time to adjust. I don't know if the style is a tip of the hat to the Queen's love of a block heel or a reaction to the laughably high hooker shoes that have been fashionable in recent years. There is certainly no doubt that they are much more comfortable then spike heels of any height because they spread weight more evenly and don't tip you forward. I'm just not sure about them. I like them on Audrey Hepburn- and the Queen. But Audrey looks good in everything and the Queen is the Queen.

I'm sure it'll be like footless tights (leggings) and I'll have 5 pairs in 2 months and wonder what I was thinking of but at the moment they just remind me of the bad shoes in the first season of Sex and the City.

Carla square toe court in navy blue, black and red (remember how much I love red shoes from Hobbs).


Karen Jones Gowen said...

"a reaction to the laughably high hooker shoes that have been fashionable in recent years."

LOLing at this statement!

And it looks like I need some new shoes. None of my shoes have these kinds of heels.

Mystica said...

So nice.

Rose said...

Karen G- I just tell it like it is, in ten years we will all look back on those shoes and think what on earth were they doing. The Cuban heels are very comfy and I think lady like- shop away!

Metropolitan Mum said...

No. No no no. Nononononono!!!
I'll call that a trend that's worth ignoring. We didn't buy hooker shoes (although I almost once did, only held back by Big M's 'you look like a Russian prostate') - and we are not going to look like we were walking on building blocks. Period.

JuLee said...

Hmmm. Not sure. If one has terrific legs and the dress is on the short side - maybe. I dont mind the chunky heel & I know it is sturdy and comfortable but the rest of the shoe is somewhat too sensible looking. Like part of a flight attendant uniform for American Airlines or British Airways. Still thinking about it.