Sunday 10 August 2008

Blood orange and rosewater sorbet Sunday

I have had rosewater in my store cupboard for ages and decided yesterday that I really needed to put it to use.

A quick internet search found this recipe from Casa Moro for blood orange and rosewater sorbet.

It sounded so delicious I set about making it immediately (well having sourced some blood orange juice and granulated sugar).

Making sorbet does not offer immediate gratification as it takes about 6 hours for the juice/ rosewater/ sugar mixture to freeze and you have to stir it every half an hour. However the process certainly gets you in the mood and you can have little sips of the rosewater and blood orange juice mixture which is to sorbet what licking the bowl is to cake making.

I had never really had blood orange juice before and am a total convert. I can also report that the sorbet is as good as it sounds and the ruby red colour looks incredible- the end result is definitely worth the stirring every thirty minutes (although I would save up a lot of home based tasks for sorbet making day as you can't really go anywhere for hours!).

Now being a perfume obsessive I can't stop thinking about blood orange as an ingredient in scent as well as food...

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