Sunday 17 August 2008

Solitary scents

I have been wanting to write about the idea of scents that you generally wear when you are alone for some time.

As a perfume enthusiast I love many scents that might be considered quite old fashioned or avant- garde which I don't wear for work- and don't always want to wear around friends or family who might not appreciate them- and who might comment that they didn't!

More than that though there are some scents that I just appreciate more when I'm on my own. You have more time to really take in a scent when you are alone, whether you're working, travelling somewhere, relaxing or even sleeping a scent can really enhance or alter your mood.

Having thought about it my preferred solitary scents are the ones that are evocative but also that I might be concerned were too 'big' for general wear.

They are:

L'heure Bleu by Guerlain: this is my number one solitary scent. The vanilla is comforting and the slightly wistful sillage it gives the air around me appeals to my mood when I'm alone. That isn't to say I don't enjoy being alone, in fact I absolutely require some time with myself to re- centre, but I am often prone to being thoughtful and more creative on my own and L'heure bleu enhances both my intellect and my creativity- because it is so beautifully crafted and I admire it so.

Diva by Ungaro: This is a bold rose chypre, many think it is too bold and I think they imply it's a little brassy. I don't agree, I think this is a beautiful scent but like so many stronger scents it really must be worn sparingly. If you apply just a little of this to skin that is still hot from a bath or shower the rose just blooms. I find rose very steadying but also very stimulating, both of which I find can be very useful if I need an extra bit of confidence because I'm doing something alone or out of my comfort zone.

En Passant by Frederic Malle: This is another slightly wistful scent, like L'heure Bleu. However I would say En Passant is overall an extremely optimistic scent. It comes and goes on the skin, but when it comes it blooms and I think you have to appreicate this when you are alone more than you might with others. It is also a light scent and again it's beauty could easily be lost if someone you were with was wearing quite a strong fragrance or quite a lot of a scented product.

I am off to see friends now and am wearing some Diptyque Philosykos, but I look forward to wearing my solitary scents when the occasions arise soon.

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charlotte said...

i only ever wear philosykos, but now i think i'd quite like to try l'air bleu..

Rose said...

Philosykos does encourage you to become very loyal to it because it's so good!

I hope you like L'heure Bleu if you try it. It has what seems like quite an old fashioned opening but if you wait for it to dry down after about 10 minutes you start to see the character of the scent.

Actually the scent has a great story behind it. So the tale says the perfumer (Jaques Guerlain)wanted to make a scent that looked like the impressionist paintings he loved.

Unknown said...

Hi Rose,
That is so true of scents, sometimes you just have to appreciate them by yourself, although I admit sometimes I like to take out something so strange and different from my usual and see if I can weird anyone out.

Rose said...

Hi Jenavira,

That sounds fun too!

ScentScelf said...

I like exploring scent as a solitary/not proposition. I would have to say that Organza Indecence might be one, because I enjoy smelling it on me and it is so comforting.

Have always wanted to try L'Heure Bleu properly; your experience/data point is another reference in the file. Someday...

Rose said...

Hi Scentscelf,

Thanks for your comment and for visiting the blog.

Organza Indecence is another great solitary scent/ scent to enjoy for yourself. It's really rare in the UK and when I found it in a department store I was very excited. It's a great bottle too.

Anonymous said...

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