Friday 22 August 2008

Miller Harris Marche Au Foin at the Haymarket Hotel

Reading today's ES Magazine my heart started racing at the news that Lynn Harris of Miller Harris has teamed up with the Haymarket Hotel in London to create a signature scent for their toiletries.

The hotel's website says 'Kit Kemp and Lyn Harris have collaborated to create a bespoke fragrance called Marche au Foin (Haymarket in French). It was designed around Kit's love of lavender. It is a fresh scent that has been applied to the hotel's various bath products including soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and shower gel. There is also a beautifully presented box-set of 3 scented candles which are available to buy from the hotel exclusively for £32'.

The packaging you can see mixes Miller Harris's signature etchings of flowers with a more modern look of a woman's face and I think it looks divine.

The ES magazine lists the lavender note and adds bitter orange and bergamot. It sounds like a very good unisex option.

I have been lucky enough to have lunch at the Haymarket which was delicious, but have never stayed there. I suppose it would be rather over the top to stay just to try the toiletries line! but I would like to try sniffing the candles as soon as possible.


Unknown said...

The packaging is lovely, but then again Miller Harris is known for its lovely packaging.

Rose said...

Yes their packaging is always very enticing and I like the mix of the old etchings with the quite modern bottle shapes of the normal line.

I was really surprised to see the Miller Harris packaging mixed with a bit of the hotel's look but think it works well for the toiletries.

LittleDoodles said...

That sounds like such a lovely collaboration, I love Miller Harris! And I quite like the packaging's sort of sketchbooky (if that makes sense!)

Rose said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks very much for your comment, I love Miller Harris too, not all their scents work on me but the ones that do are wonderful.

Yes I think the packaging is classy but not showy.

I seem to remember reading Lynn Harris found the design and it's from an old book of etchings but I will have to see if I can find out more on that.

Anonymous said...


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