Tuesday 7 October 2008

Seasons of mist

Well really it's more seasons of rain so far but I am getting Autumnal urges to hoard food and bake. I feel like a mouse in the Brambly Hedge children's books and want to pick fruits, pot relishes and pile the shelves high with stores for winter.

I also want to sleep lots more than usual (so virtually all the time really) and listen to lots of Radio 4.

I'm testing spicy, heavy perfumes after a spring and summer of citrus and florals and my nose couldn't be happier, it's as if it's smelling some of the scents for the first time.

I am a total believer in eating seasonally and I think perfuming seasonally makes sense too. Well that's my excuse anyway.

I am off to Liberty tonight to finally sample the new Frederic Malle, then it will be back to the burrow for some Radio 4 before bed!

First Brambly Hedge picture courtesy of jayneferst.blogspot.com/2007/08/jill-barklem.html (which is a great new blog I found looking for these pictures)

Second Brambly Hedge picture courtesy of snapdragons.wordpress.com/.../


Unknown said...

I try to eat seasonally (although, this can be very hard sometimes with food prices). Still I broke out the squash this week and it is so yummy!

Funny you should mention mist, it is actually mist outside my window, but it is burning off quickly.

Love those cute illustrations! Reminds me of reading Brian Jacques books (man those books could make you hungry!).

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I have the same tendencies- I ate a summery salad the other day with citrus and avocado and even though it's still hot over here- it just felt 'wrong'- not season appropriate.

As for scent- I am dying to try Balmain's Ambre Gris- it sounds right up my alley.

Love the illustrations too- they remind me of the Wind and the Willows...

Rose said...

Yes I agree about the food prices. I am definitely not a saint and definitely indulge in some of my favourites out of season! The squash sounds good!

I don't know Brian Jacques, I will need to look him up. These pictures while good don't do brambly hedge justice, they are the most incredibly detailed, enchanting illustrastions when you see them in the books.

Rose said...

I am curious about Ambre Gris too, I really like the older Balmains, especially pour homme actually. The bottle for Amber Gris is stunning, I hope the juice is too.

Yes they are a bit wnd in the willows esque, the characters aren't as detailed as WITW but they're lovely little books.

Anonymous said...

How lovely! Brambly Hedge illustrations... I was seriously thinking I might go to Liberty's this evening to sample FM's Dans tes Bras as I received a beautiful purple card in the post: I would have met you if so. But I hope you have an excellent evening.
By the way, I bought Hamman Bouquet last weekend!
Linda :-)

ScentScelf said...

[Light bulb goes off!!] But of course...eating seasonally, scenting seasonally. I do both, and just didn't overtly connect the two.

Am just a tad envious of you being in Fredrick Malle's arms tonight... ;)

Rose said...

Hi Scentscelf- yes me too, well I do my best to eat seasonally. I think we all scent seasonally without thinking about it. Then there are some scents that are like jeans and can work in any season.

I really liked being in his arms, although he wasn't there himself sadly but some lovely French helpers of his were!

Rose said...

Hi Linda,
I know! I want to visit brambly hedge, although I'm probably too big!

Yes you would have seen me because I was there. It was very busy but I managed to make it in before the queues were running round the outside of Liberty.

I had some lovely champagne and white chocolate and I did get to sample Dans Tes Bras, which I will be writing up about later!