Monday 1 December 2008

And so this is Christmas

Happy Advent.

I'm an unashamed Christmas lover, although I don't think that necessarily means saying it's always a happy time. It can be a reflective time and for some it can be very sad but I think it brings out the best in most people and the best in me.

I am hoping to share some of my favourite Christmas pictures, poems and stories over the coming weeks.

I love the Liberty advent calender this year and can't wait to go to their shopping evening tomorrow, drink in the smells of minced pies and their perfume department. Go up to the Christmas shop and look at all the baubles and lights and then wander home under Regent Street's blanket of starry lights.

I have worked in central London for the last five years and I really miss being there most right now. It's the process of seeing somewhere changing you feel, the lights and decorations going up, the window displays changing and the familiarity of the people in the sandwich shops and cafes. Of course I am not far away and can pop up anytime but it's different to living most of your waking hours in a place and knowing it so well. Now when I go up I'm like a visitor, even though I'm only half an hour away. I don't wander the streets of St. James at 8am long before the shoppers so I don't have the peace to gaze at the Fortnum's windows or just take in all the Christmas atmosphere while everything is quiet and still- that's when it's best.

Liberty advent calender available from their Christmas shop.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Rose- I love Christmas too- just decorated the house today with Xmas lights, nutcrackers and poinsettias...

Rose said...

Hi Daily, Oh how fun! poinsettias are so beautiful aren't they, very classy decorations.