Friday 28 November 2008

Little black dress perfume

I think we all have our 'little black dress' outfit, even if it's not a little black dress it's an outfit we know we look at our best in, or perhaps just smart in, that we know we can whip out at short notice and look great in, should the occasion arise.

I bought a fantastic little black dress this weekend, rather by accident. I actually don't wear very much black and it's not my normal default look so I quite enjoyed putting on the dress, the heels, the full make up and going out feeling very together.

I only had Coco Mademoiselle perfume with me so it was, by default, my little black dress perfume.

Not being able to choose which scent to wear (I was getting ready at a friend's) made me think what would I wear if I could choose? Much as I do like Coco Mademoiselle it's in my bag because it covers any occasion and in truth for going out I prefer something a bit riskier and a bit more unusual. Do ladies have an equivalent of the little black dress in perfume? Something they always feel attractive and interesting in when they are out? I know I have a default wear to work scent but I am normally very fickle when going out.

I also like a bit of juxtaposition with my outfits so by nature in a black satin dress I would tend to wear something unexpected, some Diptyque Philosykos or something out there and unusual, Commes De Garcon or Costume Nationale Scent Intense for example. Likewise I quite like to wear jeans and a t shirt with L'heure Bleu or Bois De Illes, the unexpected can really work.

I would be very interested to hear if people have a 'going out' perfume or perfumes and what they are.

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Perfumeshrine said...

I tend to wear quite a bit of black (although since the majority of women in my country opt for it for evenings out, I prefer to use it in day and go for red or midnight blue or emerald in the evenings if possible) and I find that what you say rings especially true: there is nothing truly chic about pairing it with something expected, "dressy", "elegant", BCBG. Jazzing it up with some unexpected touch is really a wonderful proposition.

That said, whenever I want to make a good first impression or am meeting people for the first time, I go for Opium (edt over a drop of parfum): I always get compliments when I wear it, every single time.

vicki archer said...

Perfume for me is a seasonal choice. I change my scent for autumn/winter and again spring/summer. Serge Lutens, Fleur d' Oranger and Lys are my winter/summer choices. I also have an old favourite which is Gardenia Passion by Annick Goutal for any time of the year and if it is very, very hot I love Route du The from Barneys in NY. xv
PS I love wearing black and wear it too often!

Rose said...

I am wearing more black, I think I had the idea that very pale skin and very dark hair didn't with black but Eva Green shows us it can! Plus I really enjoy wearing colour.

Your jewel like evening wear sounds sumptious, I especially love midnight blue.

I'm very glad you like to mix things up with unusual scents too. However it's also true that I probably wear something fabulous but more normal for evening wear when meeting new people etc- I hadn't thought about that!

Opium is just wonderful isn't it- the layering sounds like it would work really well.

Rose said...

Sorry first comment was for Helg!

Rose said...

Hi Vicki, I definitely like wearing scents seasonally too- but then split them into evening and day as well! it's really all a way of justifying ever more purchases!

You sound like you have great taste in perfume. The Serge Oranger is wonderful isn't it, really lush but not heavy- doesn't Sofia Coppoloa wear this?

Anonymous said...

I am trying to wear less black as I get older as I'm not sure it is always flattering. I have pale neutral skin and very dark hair so I find if black clothes have a good rich texure then it's fine. Last year I wore a black crepe Biba dress with Mitsouko parfum to great effect and, thinking about it, Guerlain scents are my going out scents, Mitsouko, Attrape Coeur, Vol de Nuit or Jicky. Goodness that sounds grown up! Usually I'm in jeans and a jumper and whatever takes my fancy! donanicola

Rose said...

Hi Donanicola,
I was always told black wouldn't suit me because of my colouring which sounds very similar to yours but I'm finding that actually it quite does after all. It's a shame it took me so long.

Your Biba and Mitsouoko combination sounds so fabulous! Guerlain scents are great for making you feel together I find. I'm a big Mitsouoko fan actually, for all that I talk about L'heure Bleu I love both.

Mary said...

Hi Rose, de-lurking to tell you that I love your blog (found it thru Helg's website).
For evenings out, I tend to go with jewel tones, but in sophisticated patterns. Wrap dresses are pretty fool-proof. Pretty shoes, a great bag, a couple of good pieces of jewelry and I'm set.
For perfume, I find that something interesting like Nikki de Saint Phalle or Rive Gauche puts me in the mood to have fun.

ScentScelf said...

I definitely believe in going out perfume...orientals usually fall into that category for me. Though there are times when it's a leather I want....or a fantastic floral...(I'm with those who are affected by season, as well).

Grass & hay for the daytime, along with close to the skin leathers, smoky stuff in colder weather.

Funny, Bois des Isles is a scent I'll wear in most any circumstance, too--there are times when I want it with my casual clothes, and times when it seems just right for serious social time. I am glad, though, that I'll always first associate it with playing music...something about that gives it part of its power in all other occasions.

L'Heure Bleu is strangely a comfort scent for me. And I find I can feel pulled together, melancholy without maudlin, and attractive as well when I smell it on me. Both that and BdI are "go to" bottles; looks like that sentiment is shared among us!

Unknown said...

Rose, interesting question, looking at my scents I would say my LBDS's are Infusion d'Iris and Narcisso Rodriguez edt, I find I know I smell wonderful in these and that both walk that hard line of really good smelling and sophisticated.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Rose- Love the picture of Eva Green- she is so fab! My little black dress perfume is definitely Narciso Rodriguez For Her edp. It's so sensual, I love wearing it at night...

lady jicky said...

Another Mitsouko vote and if I can get it - Jicky in the parfum (otherwise Jicky EDT is a dayscent to me).
I have to say Anne Pliska parfum goes well with a black dress too. So does Fracas.

Rose said...

Hi Mary,
I'm really glad you enjoy the blog, thanks very much for saying so.

I don't know Nikki de Saint Phalle, I'm going to have to look that up right away. I love Rive Gauche though, it's one of those scents that is reliably fabulous.

I'm also a big fan of the wrap dress for feeling sophisticated.

Rose said...

Hi Scentscelf,
You're right we seem to have very similar responses to and appreciation for BDL and L'heure Bleu. I couldn't agree more about LB, it's a failsafe for feeling like myself and feeling sophisticated.

Rose said...

Hi Jena, those are both great choices and very sophisticated. I think I would have expected you to say something with more vanilla but love these two.

Rose said...

Hi Daily,
Glad you do, I think I started searching for her in Casino Royale but turned this one up. She is fabulous, lucky girl.

Narciso is proving popular. I agree it is sensual but in a way that whispers rather than shouts. I would feel very self assured and sexy in this one I think! A great LBD scent.

Rose said...

Hi Lady Jicky,
Wow great choices. It's terribly but I had totally forgotten Fracas and it's an ideal LBD scent isn't it, especially if the dress was quite proper. I think that will be worn next time me new dress is!

Anonymous said...

For an elegant, going-out fragrance, nothing compares to the gorgeous Iris Poudre by Frederic Malle! This works beautifully in winter.

I love L'Heure Bleue as well in the edp . . . Jeannemarie

Rose said...

Hi JeanneMarie,
Iris Poudre is incredibly elegant and of course I love L'heure Bleu- you and I have very similar taste!