Monday 24 November 2008

The art of scent

This weekend I really enjoyed this article in the Times Literary Supplement by Angus Trumble.

He discusses why perfume isn't taken more seriously as an art form while references Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez's beautiful Perfumes the Guide.

What I really enjoyed about the article as that the author was obviously not from inside the world of perfume, the article says he is curator of paintings and sculpture at the Yale Center for British Art in New Haven Connecticut. Nevertheless he is saying exactly what so many of us say, that some scents are as evocative as a great piece of music or a particularly poignant, beautiful or even unsettling painting. Also that the great perfumers are artists who deserve to be recognised as such in the way a sculpture, painter or composer is.

I just enjoyed coming across these thoughts somewhere I wasn't expecting to and the idea that someone might read their paper, pick up their favourite scent and think again about it, about who composed it and why they enjoy it.


Unknown said...

Rose what a great article, although I do wish the author had given Chandler Burr a little bit of credit.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Rose- I love reading articles on perfume from the point of view of someone not in the industry... it's refreshing.

Rose said...

Hi Jena, glad you thought so too. Yes true, maybe he doesn't know his work? Or maybe I'm a bit naive!

Rose said...

Hi Daily, yes I think so too, a fresh voice is always good.

Perfumeshrine said...

I agree that it came across as a thoughtful piece with succinct points (and a little disagreement with the Guide which is a good thing in itself: shows there is a variety of opinion, out there!)
Thanks for presenting your reasons the way you did :-)

(PS. has your prize reached you yet? *biting my nails*)

Rose said...

E- thank you for saying so :-)

Yes!!! arrived yesterday and I can't wait to get it later!