Monday 17 November 2008

Wake up and smell the coffee

I have a serious weakness for Starbucks eggnog lattes. I have completely bought into the marketing and now associate the arrival of the red cups with the start of the Christmas season.

You can understand then that I was fairly horrified that Starbucks have stolen a little bit of my Christmas and discontinued the eggnog latte this year (in the UK in any case).

I know I'm not the only person who feels this sense of despair and muting of the Christmas bells, in fact there is a Facebook group called bring back the eggnog latte. While I hope they will conquer the giant and bring back the eggnog I'm fairly certain that this year I will not be able to enjoy my seasonal favourite.

So in the meantime I will be getting my coffee hit elsewhere (aside from red cup time I'm more of a chai tea gal than a coffee addict).

I have a secret passion for Cacharel's Noa perfume which has a prominent coffee note.

This is not every one's cup of tea (or coffee), Susan Irvine describes it as being for 'nuns and virgins' in herThe Perfume Guide book. But Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez are keener in Perfumes the Guide calling it a 'low budget wonder' that has the 'feel of a perfect everyday fragrance'.

I actually wore this a lot on a holiday to Cornwall, which should smell of crashing waves, driftwood, moss and rain on sand. So the soft whisper of cashmere and coffee that I get from Noa was perhaps a strange choice- but I like to mix it up and this fragrance is a whisper rather than a shout which appealed to my idea of soaking up the natural Cornish smells while having scent on- and retaining some slight smell of the city I love.

This scent now has lovely memories of a great holiday in a county I love. So at a time when the city is very busy and everything is very hectic Noa calms me and takes me back to the grey deserted beaches in Cornwall- and gives me a little coffee hit too.

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The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Rose- I can't believe there is a facebook group for bringing back the eggnog latte lol!

I know exactly how you feel though- the only thing I love from Starbucks is their caramel apple cider- this I love year round! Don't know what I would do if it was discontinued...

Maybe you should try it- it could replace your beloved latte :)

vicki archer said...

Hello Rose,
I am sorry those naughty Starbucks people have failed to realize the popularity of their eggnog - I do like the cups though. You made me smile, as I was walking past Starbucks with my daughter last week she said, 'look mummy, the red cups are back, let's go in.'
What have I been doing with myself - I had never noticed them before! xv

Rose said...

Hi Daily,
We don't have this caramel apple cider but it sounds amazing! I think the ranges vary. My next favourite tipple is a chai tea latte- but I found chai frappucinos in Chicago which we definitely don't have here either.
Will look out for the caramel apple on my travels!

Rose said...

Hi Vicki,
Thank- you! Perhaps they will change their minds.

I think I only noticed the red cups a couple of years ago but once you notice they are sigal of Christmas.

I am a bit child like when it comes to Christmas, well more than a bit... so that might be why my radar is so tuned!

Unknown said...

I wonder if they discontinued the eggnog latte here? Noa is such a lovely musky scent; I always think of it being akin white musk with its qualities.

Rose said...

Jena, I don't know- I found a link to it on their website so I think maybe not... meanies that they are. We now have gingerbread latte, dark cherry mocha (sounds good but is just a mocha with generic sweet taste) and toffee nut latte. None are so good- a friend and I sampled them all at the weekend to check!

I'm glad you like Noa too- it's such an unsung scent! yes I think you're right about the white musk quality, white musk and coffee. It's like a blanket.

ScentScelf said...

Say, Noa...I've been wanting to sample that since I got into perfume, for any number of reasons. (Nostalgia for the maker, who is responsible for the Anais Anais of my teen years being one of them.) Somehow, I missed the coffee aspect, however.

Do your part for the international economy! Buy locally produced eggnog, and make your own eggnog latte!! (As spouse to an addicted Starbucks specialty drink lover, however, I empathetically feel your pain.)

Rose said...

Hi Scentscelf, there is a similarity to Anais Anais actually, the musky part. The coffee is definitely there in my bottle but it does take a little while to come through.

Yes I really should make my own but I don't think it will be anything like the pre packed stuff they do- madness fresh should be best! Yes it truly is an addiction, I know it's wrong but it's so right... or it was until it was gone. Ah well it is saving me money!