Monday 2 March 2009

Ashes to Ashes

As previously alluded to I have been having an unscheduled duvet weekend because of a cold. I quite enjoy having lashings of elderflower cordial and tea and catching up on films/ tv/ radio.

Yesterday saw me mostly re watching Ashes to Ashes the, in my opinion, excellent follow on to Life on Mars.

I actually prefer Ashes to Ashes to Life on Mars which I gather from generally reading of reviews is unusual. I don't know if it's because I am a child of the eighties (just!) but I just find all the references in this one more applicable to me- even though I was about a month old when this is set. The fact they spend all their downtime in an Italian trattoria drinking jugs of chianti, the huge clunky walkmans that are cool, the thatcherite boys and coral lipsticked girls (I wonder what perfume Alex Drake wears?).

I love the soundtrack, ultravox, the clash, duran duran, the stranglers- it all sounds so bizarrely fresh on this show where it doesn't always on my radio. Plus there's the cars and the fashions, the way this is put together you can sort of see why they thought they looked good while revelling in how bad they look too.

Then there is Gene Hunt. I have to say I love a real man and he is nothing if not that.

I have been trawling the internet to see when the next series starts but so far it seems there is no definite date- but it should be late March to early April. I can't wait!


Tania said...

I liked the original a little better, but I think that was because I was a child of the 70's! And also because it was a mystery - was Sam dead, in a coma, on drugs? In Ashes to Ashes, you know the cause already. But I did not see the clown's identity coming, so the story was well done.

It does resonate with me too, though. The clothes, the music... I was there. (God, the shoulderpads! The perms!)
And Gene Hunt of course. I love me some Gene Genie.

I think Alex wears Giorgio or Montana, and switches to Paloma Picasso for the evenings in the restaurant drinking chianti. Not that Gene would notice, he'd just say she smells like a tart's handbag..... ;-)

Rose said...

Hi Tania,
That's true, the mystery element was more gripping with Sam.

I think I'm quite caught up in the Gene/ Alex relationship- there is a lot of tension! I wanted Sam to stay but of course if Alex stayed she wouldn't get back to Molly which would be awful for her. So the happy outcome would be for her to get back home to 2008. If she and Gene did get together she'd have to leave him which be awful!

The clown was scary! Yes the Father being the clown and the whole outcome of her parents death was shocking. Plus I didn't realise who saved Alex and thought that was great. (don't want to give any spoilers!)

Great perfume ideas! Especially the Paloma Piccasso, wouldn't it be great if we saw her spritz some fragrance in the next series!

Helen Brocklebank said...

I love Life on Mars. Have idled away several hours thinking of being in the Audi Quattro with the Gene Genie.
I thought she might wear Coco de Chanel (launched 1984. is this too late for the series?) or Opium - I definitely see her as a floral oriental girl, but not anything as forceful as Giorgio or Poison.

Rose said...

Hello Mrs Trefusis, I really need to sit down and read your blog in depth it looks fab.

Oh I know, if the police could guarantee you the front seat in the quattro with Gene I think they would have far more recruits.

I think Ashes to Ashes starts in 1981 but Alex could possibly move on to Coco. I agree about the oriental definitely, I thought the Picasso was a good choice or maybe something chypre with rose. Diva by Ungaro might work, although again I would need to check on release dates.

I read that Keeley Hawes actually wears Philosykos which I thought was a good choice for her. Sort of not what you'd expect which I like.

Rose said...
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The Daily Connoisseur said...

Rose- Hope you feel better soon! I have been nursing a cold on this end too- it's knocked me out- but today I am much better. Haven't seen Ashes to Ashes but will look for it on BBC America xx

Rose said...

Hi Daily, sorry you have had a cold too. Sending you sympathy and cups of tea down the internet!
Yes do check it out, it's good fun Rx

Tania said...

I know! Alex can't get together with Gene, it would be so doomed. But the tension is hot... ;-)

Yes, she could at least have an iconic bottle on her dressing table! She does seem to have gone in for all the trends in her 'alternate life', so I think she'd go for the latest scents.
But if it's set in 1981, that's too early for Montana, Paloma, Poison and Diva.
Giorgio did come out in '81 though, so did Ombre Rose, I knew a lot of girls who wore that. For orientals, Opium has been around since '77, and Cinnabar since '78. And she might like White Linen ('78) for day wear.
Why yes, I'm bored in the office - how could you tell? ;-)

Rose said...

Exactly it's the tension! it's very well acted by them both I think.
I agree she is very up to the minute in 1981 (well it seems like she is).
We will have to look out for a perfume bottle in the next series.
You are very knowledgable about when things came out. Those all seem like good suggestions. I still think Opium would be great on her perhaps with something different for the day. Maybe Ombre Rose as that's softer. I also though Anais Anais and LouLou are quite 80s but nice but I'm not sure when they came out.

Unknown said...

Hope you feel better soon and I love scenting the characters in a series; I did last year for the women of Mad Men.

Tania said...


oh, I'm not knowledgable, I use Basenotes... ;-)

Anais Anais was around in 1981, but LouLou was not released til 1987.


ooh, I love Mad Men. What scents did you decide they wore?

Rose said...

Hi Jena,
Thank you, I'm on the mend.
Yes I remember the mad men posts, they were excellent. I really enjoy it too.
In fact I wish journalist would ask actors what they see their character wearing more and that kind of thing. I'm sure some of them must use scent to get into period/ character.

Rose said...

Tania, ah ha! very good research then.

Well that's good about Anais Anais- although it's my suggestion I'm not sure about it on her. Perhaps she might wear what she remembers her Mother wearing. Although her Mum doesn't seem very trendy for the time and Alex does!

Jenavira's posts were great.Go here and then scroll down to August:

Helen Brocklebank said...

Aha! I think I have it: Rive Gauche.Launched in seventies but still very popular in '81. I can see her with that iconic blue packaging. Think she might have gone for Fidji (guy laroche) for everyday spritz though. And Gene?Aramis, I'd wager x

Rose said...

Mrs Trefusis- you have it! I think that's great for her and the packaging totally fits. Good work!

Gene and Aramis works too... although I fear he might also wear Old Spice!! It still wouldn't put me off though x

Tania said...

Thanks Rose, I'll read those later.

Rive Gauche - that's the one! Well done Mrs T.

Gene and Aramis - yes, it fits. Or Brut 33 or Old Spice (but only because his Mum gave it to him). And Ray wears too much Blue Stratos, I reckon. Or Hai Karate (*shudder*)

With all this talk of Ashes To Ashes, I'm going to have to go buy the dvd set! ;-)

Rose said...

Tania, it's a good box set. I was very glad to have it on hand when I was in bed!!

Anonymous said...

hello Rose, hope your recovery speeds up! Oh I LOVED Ashes to Ashes for all the reasons that have been put forward by you and others so I won't repeat the. I do think Aramis or Kouros for the Genester would be perfect and I love the idea of Opium and Rive Gauche (with all the metallic aldehydes intact!) for Alex but also I think she might wear Mystere de Rochas and it was around then because I used to wear it then........ I saw the wonderful Philip Glenister filming the latest series in a churchyard in the City a few weeks ago. I lusted from a distance. The young man in the office who had alerted me to the filming is still mystified by my "admiration" for Gene. PG was a great Dobbin in Vanity Fair too - and wonderful in Cranford. Such a good actor. OK I've rambled enough - you just hit a chord! donanicola

Rose said...

Hi Donanicola, I'm okay now thanks- just very red nosed!!
I'm glad you loved it too, it was so good!
I wondered about some Rochas too but I'm not too familiar with their scents except Tocade which is too late.

It is so exciting that you saw him. I'm normally fairly cool about seeing people but I really do have quite a crush on him I have to say. I agree he's an excellent actor, it's not just that he is Gene. He was particularly wonderful in Cranford, I found his story one of the most poignant and well played by all involved. Sigh.