Sunday 15 March 2009

Five reasons why life is grand

The lovely Cassandra at Jacob Wrestling has invited me to give five reasons why my life is grand.

So the five reasons that come to mind today are:

1) Feeling and hopefully being well. Quite an underrated but important one I think. Money can't buy me love or health- and those are the things I value most.

2) Real friends, as opposed to either frenemies or just the people who don't really get it. I mean the friends who you can have fun doing virtually anything with, even it's fantastically mundane stuff like washing up or waiting for the bus.

3) I was asked for ID when buying a round of drinks last week. I am well beyond the age where this should be even a possibility now- so thank you to the bar lady at the Brixton Academy I won't have to think about any more expensive face cream for months because of you.

4) The internet, blogging and bloggers. I guess anyone reading this knows why.

5) Dancing is free and I can do whenever and wherever I want- and I'm quite good at it so I'm told- which is a nice added bonus.


Anonymous said...

Love them all!! (#4 is a given for us freaky ones) :-)

But yay! Good for you on #3, no one can put a price on that right?

Rose said...

Hi Trish, Yes I was in a very good mood all weekend after number 3!!

Unknown said...

A coworker of mine had the same experience the other day with number 3; made her really happy considering she had a baby with her.

Rose said...

Hi Jena, that is impressive with a baby! It's quite the ego boost

Cassandra said...

YAY!!! Awesome re point three - congratulations, that is bloody brilliant. Cx

Rose said...

C- thank you, I know!! She must have been mad- but I have witnesses (admittedly they laughed a lot which suggest they don't think I look 17!) Rx

vicki archer said...

Well said Rose. Lovely to know more about you, xv.

Rose said...

Thanks Vicki x