Sunday 1 March 2009

The Consolations of Jewellery

I have a cold and therefore cannot smell my perfumes or write the reviews I had planned this weekend.

So I have turned to one of my other loves: jewellery.

Alain De Botton's penguin classic The consolations of philosophy is all very well, a wonderful idea very well executed. It is indeed consoling to an extent, but what do I find truly comforting? Jewellery.

I have loved rings, bracelets, necklaces and any other form of shiny adornment since I was young enough to think these trinkets were so lovely that I must try and taste them. I used to sit in front of my Mother's jewellery box in wonder, as happy gazing at costume bangles as the real gems. Try as I might and often do to embrace a pared down, utilitarian outlook I cannot deny that I adore jewellery despite knowing I don't need it and it won't make a real difference to my life.

I feel very content when I'm looking at jewellery, whether it's in Accessorize or wandering up the Burlington Arcade it makes no difference to me. In fact sometimes the more expensive, the more comforting, because I know I could never afford the art deco diamonds and sapphires it's a bit like looking at a beautiful painting in a gallery.

The jewellery designers whose work I covet most to actually wear are Alex Monroe and Annina Vogel. Luckily both designers have very good websites to help me window shop and feel the consolations of jewellery from under my duvet!


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better! The designers you linked to are wonderful, I love the insect pieces especially.

You have to check out this designer:

I think you'd like her aesthetic :-)


Rose said...

Hi Trish, A little bit thanks!
Yes I love Alex Monroe's stuff... I have a few pieces from sample sales and being naughty in Liberty!

Yes you're right the papertreasure stuff is lovely, especially the blue bead necklace!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Oh how I love jewelry too... I have an allergy to anything less than 18k gold so unfortunately (or fortunately, however I decide to look at it) I only have a few pieces. But the pieces I have are beautiful indeed...

Rose said...

Hi Daily, yes I do see what you mean about the allergy... it could be both good and bad! it's probably better to have less pieces that you cherish.

Cassandra said...

Rose, Rose, Rose - with you all the way. Agree with every word! Jewellery is art and in fact it's better not to own really valuable stuff as then you have the stress of security. Better far to admire in shops or in films! Lovely! Cx

Rose said...

Hi C, I love those earrings by the way, they're a fabulous colour.
I'm so glad you agree, it is art! Rx