Monday 13 July 2009

holidaying in London

Saturday: Awake- a train- caffeine- Covent Garden- Fajitas!- Hamlet- Jude Law (a very sweet Prince)- rainy Piccadily- a bus through town- more caffeine- jugs of Berry Bombay and chair dancing- cheese, biscuits and Saturday papers at 2am.

Sunday: Awake- Sundays papers- CASHPOINT- the Southbank- an upside down purple cow- caffeine- footbridge (my heart always swells when I cross the Thames)- the fourth plinth- the shops! (new season's new things, enticing)- the tube (sticky)- Camden- pizza- the Roundhouse (current favourite gig venue)- cider- Stephen Fry (divine)- Mumford and Sons (fabulous)- country dancing (even more fabulous)- and so to bed- to sleep- perchance to dream.

(next weekend I will probably be cleaning for 48 hours or something equally dull).


Metropolitan Mum said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!

Thanks for the other post about Alex Monroe. I love his work, but I must have forgotten about him. My grandma gave me money to buy something in her name for our baby daughter - now I know where I am going to spend it!

La Maison Fou said...

Have a great trip!
Clean when you return!

Rose said...

Metropolitan Mum- it was lovely yes!

I'm so glad about Alex Monroe. I know what you mean about sometimes forgetting something. It's lovely when you re discover it though isn't it. I'm sure you'll find something really special

Rose said...

La Maison Fou- it was this weekend we've just had and it was great thanks! yep next weekend might need to be a bit more boring.

vicki archer said...

Fantastic weekend Rose, xv.

Rose said...

vicki, it really was. i've been away from town a bit lately and it was lovely to just spend a bit of time doing my favourite things